Economy 9? Anyone know when to switch off?

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Lived in my electricity only flat for 6 months.

Somewhere down the line I absorbed the fact that my electricity (or some of it??) is metered on an "Economy 9" tariff.

I am old enough to remember the introduction of Economy 7 which eventually became understood by those that use it.

I contend that Economy 9 is not meant to be understood by those that use it.

Without teaching grandmothers in the art of egg-sucking, we all know that Economy 7 delivers electricity, to homes fitted with an Economy 7 meter, for a set 7 hour period overnight at a low price rate? Those using it have grown used to setting their on-off clocks to maximise use of the set "cheap" hours to charge their storage heaters and or heat their hot water.

So what do we think Economy 9 means?


I have asked for it to be spelled out in writing four times. I am still waiting.
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