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My Brother DCP- 340CW all-in-one device has stopped working because the waste ink tank is "full".

Has anybody managed to resolve this problem on a Brother printer so that is works again. I have dismantled it and have just washed the padding in the waste tank, so hopefully it might work again.

Is this part available as a spare part or is the printer now destined for the bin.


  • I have the same problem with my brother printer. I phoned them up and the guy on the phone said I could take it for repair but it woud be cheaper to buy a new one. I havnt looked into spares. I wouldnt mind but I have only just got new carts and they cost almost as much as the printer did, as a laugh I said to DH that I may just get a new printer instead of new carts , wish I had now.
  • GarySGaryS Forumite
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    Despite having spent several hours trying to clean the ink tank, etc, I have given up.

    Still getting various "unable to ....." messages.

    It has been sent to the home for naff printers, and has now been replaced with a HP-C7280 which seems superb in comparison.
  • Have a look at this link:

    I have a Brother DCP 340CW which had the same error message and all I have done is reset the purge counter using the instructions in this link. Obviously I have no idea how full the ink waste pads are but I haven't noticed any print problems yet.
  • GarySGaryS Forumite
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    I had already followed all the procedures for resetting purge counters etc.
    When I dismantled the printer the waste ink tanks (situated under the cover behind the cartridges) the felt pads were full.
    Even after washing them, drying them over a few days and the re-assembling the printer I kept getting various error messages.

    As per post above I gave up, skipped it and purchased a new HP C-7280 printer which is far, far better than the DCP 340CW ever was.
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    sorry to jump on an old post.but does anyone know how to get to the waste ink on the brother dcp-340cw(simple instructions plz :o) i want to try and clean mine before i chuck it out the nearest window. i am not getting any error messages it just wont print 2 colours yellow and magenta. (cleaned it loads of time too)

    many thanks in advance
  • kammykkammyk Forumite
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    Same problem :mad: .

    "unable to clean, refer to..."

    I'm guessing it will be cheaper to replace than repair.

    Does anyone have any idea what I should try to do before I give it a good kick?

    Allso does anyone know of any good deals on printers with a simmilar spec to these?

  • kammykkammyk Forumite
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    Ah another thing, do not use the cheapy inks you get of ebay, My printer has not been its self since I fed it with cheap ink.

    Maybe this is its way of getting back at me?
  • most have those damn pads which fill up, including the epsons its a way to make you buy a new printer, there are ways around the pads, like fitting a an extension onto the pipe which goes to the pad and then having the pipe outside the printer going into a bottle, which can then be thrown away and replaced, if you use plastic lemonade bottles, just need a coupler and plastic tubing to go from the printer into 1, i';ve been looking through the youtube posts on these over the past 3 weeks, before my epson sx200 needs to be replaced.
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