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Can anyone help , I am after an aid call for my widowed , 82 year old Mum. This alarm system communicates from an alarm base unit , after pressing a pendant around the wearers neck to an emergency response centre. The literature sent from Help the Aged quotes costs upto £900 but I have heard of people getting the system free of charge - does anyone know how to get the system free? Many thanks in anticipation . Helen .


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    there are loads of companies offering community alarm services.
    their conditions vary - some charge for installation and the unit, some only charge a monthly service fee. all require a landline to be in place.

    first port of call should be your social work department- they are the ones who can supply these free in some cases.

    other suppliers typically are social housing companies like bield and hannover.
    if you are buying indpendenly you need to do your research before deciding.
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    I am on the emergency contact list for one of my neighbours who has this system. She gets it free from the council. It's really good and gives her a lot of reassurance. She has 4-5 people on her list and the emergency centre are brilliant about ringing around if she ever presses the button.
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