I think my hotmail has a virus

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Over the last few days, odd things have been happening with my hotmail account. I have lots of messages in my sent folder to addresses I dont know and they are all spam electronics websites etc. I have run AVG, Adaware, Comodo AV, Search & Destroy, all have found nothing.
Could this be a virus within my actual hotmail account rather than my computer? I have changed the password but it is still happening.

Examples of emails being sent from my address below, I also have other language versions being sent, looks like greek and russian:

Dear friends,

Sheng Hui is our company, our web site: https://www.digitalseller.cn. We mainly sell electrical appliances, digital cameras, mobile phones, LCD TVs, game consoles, notebook computers, home of the MP4, GPS, accurate, we are one of the largest electronic wholesalers. Most of the profit can be found here, we can only win the trust of the customers high-quality products, reasonable price and good service, please visit our contact us at any time.

MSN: [email protected]
E-mail: [email protected]

fotocamere digitali, cellulari, TV LCD, Xbox, Laptop, DV, Mp4, GPS, prezzi competitivi

Caro amico
Noi siamo il taipingyang società, il nostro sito web:
www.ciciol.com . Abbiamo soprattutto vendere elettrici product.such come fotocamere digitali, cellulari, TV LCD, Xbox, Laptop, DV, Mp4, GPS, e così on.If che si desidera acquistare qualcosa, ti invitiamo a contattarci liberamente, la nostra azienda vuole offrire sconti maggiori e migliori servizi per le imprese la cooperazione con lei / il tuo company.Any altri preoccupazione si sono benvenuti a visitare il nostro website.please non esitare a contattarci all'indirizzo:

[email protected]
[email protected]


Any ideas on how to stop this would be great, this has been my main email for years and I dont want to change it unless I have to. Also, any ideas on how this could have happened would be very interesting.



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    Report it to Microsoft here as nobody else can help you.
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  • You won't have a virus on your hotmail account. The spam you're getting is the same as I do. It just goes straight in the bin.
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    Conor wrote: »
    You won't have a virus on your hotmail account. The spam you're getting is the same as I do. It just goes straight in the bin.

    Please read what the OP said. These are appearing in his SENT folder i.e. his account has been hijacked for the sending of spam.

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  • Something similar happened with my OH's hotmail account. She changed her password and secret question and hasn't had any problems since.
  • i had this i'm no techie but i had to go into settings and untick vacation replies. everytime some one sent me a message they got spam back,
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    i had a very similar porblem a few months ago. i reported it and they said they would look into it but didnt get back to me to let me know the outcome. anyway i changed my password and that seemed to do the trick. all the mails that were sent from mine were all sent within a 1 hour period. it just happened to be while i was updating norton 360 to version 2.0 and i had had no firewall on for a period of time. so i was panicking for ages about whether i might have a virus. i have done various checks with various scanners etc and found nothing. i havent suffered any other problems either. so i feel safe.
    i now have kaspersky 2009 for my security.
  • Thanks all.

    I changed my password before and that didnt stop them, I have had another 65 in the last day. Do you think it is within hotmail rather than on my computer?
    I have changed my password and secret question again to unguessable things. Any other ideas would be great.
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