I need an extra fuse for my new hob but no spaces left in fusebox!

I called an electrician but he quote £750

I have an small fusebox with my shower in it, can i get just that fusebox replaced to fit the one for the hob?

I would like to find out first so i do not get conned!


  • Probably best if you post a picture of your consumer units (fuse box) and I'm sure someone will help you out.
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    I'd expect to pay abuot £250-300 for a new consumer unit so I'd get some more quotes. Do you need a new cable running for the hob? If so then the price is going to up.
  • I will get some pics sort after work

    I have a old fusebox with 4 fuses (Lights, Sockets, E Heater & Cooker)

    I have a new small fusebox with 1 fuse (Shower)

    The quote was for replacement of both into one CU.

    I can not afford that, so would it be cheaper/viable to :-

    Just replace old fusebox with new fusebox with more MCBs?
    Just replace new small fusebox with one thats got 2 MCBs (Shower & Hob)?

    Yes the hob needs wiring, but only surface mounted for about 2 metres

    Thanks for your replies
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    I thought that usually electric cookers and electric hobs were wired upto the same circuit at the consumer unit (if it's actually required - some oven and hobs can run off a 13amp socket i believe but you'd need to check with the manufacturer first).

    So it's possible the hob could be wired into the cooker point (assuming they are near to each other) without needing a new consumer unit at all. It may need a bigger fuse and new cable to it though. It does all depend on the existing installation so seeing the pictures should help get you better answers hopefully.

    If it's visible, I'd take a picture of the cabling exiting the consumer unit as it may show if the thickness of the cable on the cooker circuit is sufficient to run an oven and hob off that circuit.

    I'd certainly get a few more electricians round to give you quotes though.

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