:confused: Hi, I've been reading with interest, some of the comments about fm. I have been treated for breast cancer for two years with surgery, 6 months' chemotherapy, 4 weeks radiotherapy, 12 months' Herceptin and now just continue with oral drugs. In between the chemo and radiotherapy I had MSSA (Staph)/Septicaemia, for which I had 2.5 weeks in hospital with over 50 infusions of very high powered antibiotics. Nothwithstanding all of that, it was not until 3 weeks later when I started having radiotherapy that my problems became much worse. Half way through my radiotherapy, I suddenly became crippled all over with pain in every joint and could not walk unaided. 14 months later I am still crippled with pain and still need crutches and a wheelchair, though no-one can explain to me what happened. I've been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia and arthritis, but no-one can explain to me how my disability came on me so suddenly. I also suffer with chronic fatigue, but apart from all the other things, I think the constant pain contributes to this. Has anyone else had an experience similar to mine, i.e. sudden disability brought on by radiotherapy or other cancer treatment?
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