High income multiple mortgage

Are there many lenders who would offer say x5 multiple of income on a 5yr fixed mortgage. I have appreoched a coulple of lenders who will only offer x3 !
Thanks, Bhushan


  • The Intelligent Finance offset mortgage is based on affordability rather than income multiples, they have recently remortgaged me to over x5 my sole income, well happy with them. ;D
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    As already posted, the only way of getting these loan amounts is by going to lenders that look at affordability rather than income multiples.

    There are a few more now on the market. Whilst Intelligent Finance Offest is an option, there are other lenders that will offer normal tracker and fixed rates also.

    The only warning I would put here, without knowing your circumstances, is be aware of over stretching yourself - make sure the monthly payments are affordable not only now, but also taking into account interest rate increases.

    Hope this helps.
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  • Who are the other lenders that will offer normal tracker and fixed rates also?
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    Try any of the following:

    Standard Life Bank

    All these do salary stretches or "affordability" mortgages.

    Abbey are very helpful!
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