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BBC gets new business editor, but continues to ignore PF Blog Discussion



  • burybrum
    burybrum Forumite Posts: 4 Newbie
    The BBC do not want a personal finance correspondent because they are scared of giving out bad news. When was the last time a personal finance story represented good news?

    If they can't spin it to make it sound positive, the BBC don't want to know. They can't let anything bad be known about the 'miracle economy' to the general public! They are nothing but government puppets after the Hutton Enquiry.
  • Nosmig
    Nosmig Forumite Posts: 22 Forumite
    It was over 20 years ago that the insurance giant I worked for realised that commercial and personal customers were distinct market sectors - and we had to address them differently. Also, the commercial market, although complex, is pretty static - but the Personal market is forever changing and expanding. The National Press also address PF well through readers' letters columns, notably Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph.

    When will the BBC wake up to this fact - and appoint someone to develop some informative programmes. Fully agree with MSE

    PS Too serious a problem to introduce humour - sorry.
  • EdInvestor
    EdInvestor Posts: 15,749 Forumite
    MSE_Martin wrote:
    Im radio 2 but only one progamme and am not looked upon particularly fondly by the rest. I've never been on BBC news....

    This is the point really, isn't it?

    The Beeb is a collection of many different fiefdoms and they all like to do their own thing. It's not unusual for a foreign correspondent for instance to be called by half a dozen separate bits of the Beeb ( and separate programmes within the separate bits!) for a report on the same story on the same day. Bush House, Broadcasting House, Radio 2, Radio 4, Radio Wales, err, Newsnight, not to mention international TV ....etc. :D

    I can't see it ever getting centralised myself.Everybody's too independent and looking at things from the particular perspective of their own audience.
    You could argue that it contributes to the quality.We wouldn't really want the Beeb to descend to the level of CNN, would we?

    On the other hand, God knows how much it all costs :eek:
    Trying to keep it simple...;)
  • lympus48
    lympus48 Forumite Posts: 116
    Part of the Furniture 100 Posts Combo Breaker
    I agree with Martin - but its not just personal finance its economic news/coverage too just look at how Five Live 'dumb down' their 'business spot' each morning/ evening just before the hour; even Magic radio (London area) has dropped its business/finance spot at 8:30 and 5:30. There's an opening for a Radio station that could play easy music + cover plenty of consumer/PF and business/ecomomic news especially for ABC males and Baby Bloomers but these down market radio stations assume we all want silly DJs & gormless chat, soaps nonense or the latest outpourings of some worn out footy manager.
  • darbooka
    darbooka Forumite Posts: 489 Forumite
    I think many people will share an impression that the BBC, especially in comparison to its rivals [who in contrast hail from free-market commercial true-market economies] is much too connected to the 'establishment' to be a reliable or desirable or expectable first choice for practicable consumer moneysaving information.
    Think of the big bosses at the BBC, and their lavish expense accounts and posh salaries, hob-nobbing at all those exclusive cocktail parties with the various Sirs who are chairmen of corporate Britain - the same chairmen who have been knighted by another establishment (the monarchy) - and it is not too suprising that among members of the ''establishement-club'' that includes the BBC, priorities trickle down the organizational food chains and affect news judgement when it comes to determining whether treasurers' corporate coffers should take priority over consumers' peon pockets.
    Whether its the beer industry inconspicuously promoted in evening soaps, or DIY industry promoted in house auction and DIY programmes, or fashion industry promotion through wardrobe makoever programmes, the BBC does show choice but it is more about fuelling economies and spending than about teaching prudent home economics.
  • Lady_E
    Lady_E Forumite Posts: 1,046 Forumite
    I think sometimes you do need to simplify business/personal finance so that everyone has an understanding of the implications . I cant get to grips with % or how much difference the GDP will make to my little life , but start talking cost of petrol/heating /food etc then I understand. On a reporting point of view I enjoy Martin Shankleman(?) on Radio 2 business slot on Drivetime,just gives the news and possible changes but I guess I might be one of their "dumb"target audience .
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