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  • Brilliant. Esp on the part of the Lib Dems. Mental Health issues are always something I've felt passionately about, from a legal and policy standpoint, particularly the treatment of the mentally ill in the justice system. that said, the economic viewpoint is critical now, and it is great to see people championing it. I look forward to some MSE influenced Lib Dem policy statements in the not too distant future!!!
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    I'm a student social worker, a passionate comper and love this site (well until today when I handed in my dissertation and got a job offer and headed to reentering the workforce!)

    As a student I have my own money issues but having worked in the mental health field I would love to see the issues of mental health and debt raised. It has an impact on two levels. Money issues influence the mental wellbeing of all of us but debt problems compound the issues that those living with mental illness have to face. Having worked for Capital One for 8 years before my career change I know that some large financial organisations target those who aren't always in the position to repay.

    i would love to see Martin raising this important issue - the only problem I have is that ethically I want the liberals to win based on policy but is it not a vote for the opposition and a vote for the Daily Mail/Conversatives who will destroy this country and leave me unemployed!
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    Perhaps the issues above might help push things forward a bit. I also intend to offer the parties the ability to communicate directly in the forum if they want to.

    Is there a risk the forum could get clogged with political messages at election time?

    Maybe they would need a signature in the same vein as the mortgage advisers?
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    I was really shocked when I read this blog that the Government actually pay "Tv pundits" to promote certain messages such as the EHIC card.

    I am so naive!
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