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Lapland New Forest Scam. How to get money back...



  • LesleyAnn_2
    LesleyAnn_2 Forumite Posts: 3 Newbie
    :mad: I have contacted watchdog too and advise everyone to do the same, lets name and shame these people and hopefully stop others getting ripped off like we were!
  • cridders_2
    cridders_2 Forumite Posts: 13 Forumite
    photos can be found on "facebook "and "baby and bump" forum .but you really dont need to see them every horrible detail is true.thankfully after speaking to people who had queued for two hours and then told they're children could only see father christmas if they had paid ten pounds for photo or they could only wave at him through the window,we didnt queue .if we had i would have been picking my wife up from the local police station for grevious bodily harm to an elf .as she {and i} were furious anyway. i have spend most of today trying to peel my fed up and extremely dissapointed daughter off the sofa .the whole weekend ruined i hope they choke on they're turkey and christmas cheer. is there anyone with legal knowledge who's shared this awful experience can advise us all how to get our money back. after a struggle managed to to get managers name out of receptionist on phone as mr victor mears dont know if this is any use to anyone
  • alison6692
    alison6692 Forumite Posts: 2,533 Forumite
    I was thinking I might send this link to Martin too and see if he can add some clout to this saga. I will do it now.

    Alison x
    :heart2:Mum to my little Daisy 3 and Archie 1.:heart2:
  • 98sidney
    98sidney Forumite Posts: 434
    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    Have any of you thought about contacting the echo, and putting your side if you all do it they are bound to listen..
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  • floth
    floth Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    Images and videos currently displayed on this website and our other advertising campaigns are for illustrative purposes only. We are certain the live show will far exceed these representations.

    I recently attended "Santa's amazing snow-covered Lapland village, near Bournemouth", with my girlfriend having been assured my the lovely receptionist on the phone that this wasn't just an experience for children, although I expected the opposite. Never the less we went along on a drizzly sunday expecting to have a nice day, I ordered tickets online (a confusing process on this occasion) at the bargain price of £60 for the two of us, it was my treat because im nice like that ; )

    What we encountered when we arrived was the most tacky, embarrasingly cheap array of circus equipment, hotdog vans etc accompanied by fluorescent hi-vis jacket wearing security staff freezing their collective nuts off. Despite this, I thought, no..give it a chance, were here now it might get better, besides weve come all the way from Weymouth and it looked really good on the website!

    So on we optimistically plodded through the muddy, rubbish strewn track overhearing the damning comments of parents who had quite frankly been fleeced by someone who obviously has no problem ripping people off in this, the season of good will.

    I would've been so dissapointed if i had taken children there, they could've had a better time in a pub playpark. We stayed for an hour and then got fed up and made our way out on the pottholed road almost wrecking my car. whoever put this together should be ashamed of themselves and my advice to anyone thinking of going is to save up an extra couple of hundred quid and go somewhere with real snow.

    good luck :eek:
  • gerardine_2
    gerardine_2 Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    We too were subjected to the disappointment of Lapland New Forest today. I cannot beleve that we have paid £100 for that. I paid by credit card so will try to get a refund. I have also emailed a letter of complaint to them demanding a refund for being 'conned'.
    Is there anything else we can do to stop others from being fooled into thinking they are going somewhere 'where dreams come true'!
  • alison6692
    alison6692 Forumite Posts: 2,533 Forumite
    I have contacted Southampton Daily Echo - I linked in this thread.
    The sad thing is that the Lapland company have been advertising (Big old adverts too) with the Echo so I am interested in what they have to say.

    I have also linked this thread in a message to Martin.

    I have also joined both the facebook groups - they have pics too.

    Alison x Good Luck everyone.
    :heart2:Mum to my little Daisy 3 and Archie 1.:heart2:
  • samz24
    samz24 Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    LAPLAND NEW FOREST IS A SCAM!!! Everything said in this thread is completly true, i have visited the place today and was disgusted! My parents treated me and my son to what they thought would be a magical xmas day out, how wrong this was! The 'tunnel of lights' was some snow covered trees with some xmas lights dangled through them. Nativity scene was a complete joke, the poor huskies looked uncared for, yelping. Having owned a huskie myself this was not pleasant to see! The wait for father xmas was around 2 hrs long, we just didn't bother i'm sure that would of been disappointing anyway. 'Seasonal food' on offer they say, some fast food vans more like!
    All in all an awful place, and so awful they have scammed so many people. Trading standards will be contacted by us along with the local council.

    Do not waste your time here.
  • SteveSassa
    SteveSassa Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    Good work MammaBling!

    My family and I drove a four hour round trip for this fiasco today. We have all been robbed and deserve our money back. I will be phoning them tomorrow and will update this thread with the response, however, I doubt they will be forthcoming with a refund! I have emailed the Office of Fair Trading for advice on how to go about claiming a refund in these circumstances and I will share the response too. I suggest we pool our findings...
  • cjb1205
    cjb1205 Forumite Posts: 2 Newbie
    Baby_J wrote: »
    Can you post the number on here? We have tickets for the 6th of December!
    Yes its 01273564264 and also 01425483484 This doesnt look good at all,my little girls been so excited about going there.
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