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Car Tyres

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ShawzShawz Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Motoring
I normally buy the cheapest budget tyres I can for my car. Thats because I normally end up getting a nail in them and I think its better to spend £40 rather than £80+.

What is the main difference between budget and branded tyres? ???
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  • Suzz_2Suzz_2 Forumite
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    I've always bought the cheapest tyres I can get. Used to get them for £17.50 for my old Astra, now I pay about £23 for a Fiat Brava.

    If you can avoid the nails, they'll last about a year or more. Can't imagine more expensive tyres will last that much longer to justify the extra cost.

    However I wouldn't buy remoulds & as soon as I see the tyres are on their way out, I replace them. They're the only thing holding you on the road...
  • ShawzShawz Forumite
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    Thanks Suzz. I'll stick with the cheap tyres :D
    Looking to raise some money ;)
  • SystemSystem Forumite
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    My michelins last me about 2 years and cost about £50.

    Where on earth can you buy tyres for £23?

  • gibbygibby Forumite
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    they are 100% legal and usually hve the hairs on them

    £15 each and most tyre palce do them - much better than remoulds etc

    simply - when a company takes the cars in for a service they cahnge the tyres - needed or not

    if you haev a crash - the garage changed the tyres

    lots of places change tyres - for no reason and as long as they have leagl tread they are resold

    look in the yellow pages for part worn

    basically - part worns are far better than budget as they are usually brand names - getting 3 or 4 times the life of a budget - dont touch em.

    if they are only £15 each you dont mind a nail now and again

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    Jim Rohn
  • wrote:
    My michelins last me about 2 years and cost about £50.

    Where on earth can you buy tyres for £23?


    Michelins for our van would cost over £100, we pay £35 for 'nameless' commercial vehicle tyres. Shop around. We go to a medium-sized tyre fitting chain and have a good relationship with the (account). I have even returned tyres that have poor milage on them, and had a full or part refund, as a goodwill gesture to keep our business.

    basically - part worns are far better than budget as they are usually brand names - getting 3 or 4 times the life of a budget - dont touch em.

    I would not touch 2nd hand tyres, you just don't know what has happened to them, even in very few miles. Things to avoid 2nd hand are steering, brakes and tyres. These are very, very, important to safety and should not be messed with. Some 2nd hand tyres are even imported from other countries, where standards are lower and being 2nd hand may even be outside the EC regs for manufacture.

    I would only trust 2nd hand steering brakes and tyres if I have run them myself and removed tham in error or if the vehicle was scrapped for another reason (eg rust).
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  • I would not touch "part worn"tyres either.

    But conversly,i would buy remoulds,as they HAVE to pass quality/safety tests,you can buy them that are rated to 140mph!

    Even 20 years ago,when i used to do a bit of motorsport,most of us used Colway remoulds,and they took more abuse in one night than your average motorist would ever throw at them.

    And don't forget that different tyres can effect your fuel economy and tread wear.

    It would be interesting to find out if it was cheaper in the long run,to buy more expensive fuel efficient hard wearing tyres or cheaper tyres that have to be replaced more often.
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  • your tyre selection really fdepends on what your trying to acxhieve/driving style.

    fast, drivers with grip - go for low profiles, over 200 pound each.

    most people on this board i imagine want bargains.

    and budget tyres are just fine.

    i would never buy remolds, i have in the past brought pre worn - however these have always had the hairs still on them.

    as for where to buy new tyres.

    i recently seen an advert (think it was for national auto) offerinhg buy one get one free at 34 quid inclusing fit.
    wasnt a brand name, yet would be fine for the average family run about.

    dont get me wrong, i do find some brands of tyres (not always much more expensive) perform better under constant braking and driving hard - however for my daily cmmute, budget are just fine.

    btw - do not risk running your tyres to low - a blow out can be fatal.
  • I now avoid part worn tyres, I've used them several times in the past and found that they never lasted long.
    I've found some remoulds very good especially collway but I havent been able to find them recently. I've also had some very poor ones but you can normally tell by looking at them, if you can see where the tread joins to the rest avoid them, I had one start to peal off once.
    I now look more for the best handling characteristics I can get for my money and currently use hankook at around £26ea.
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