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'X-factor: who pays for the calls?' blog discussion

This is the discussion to link on the back of Martin's blog. Please read the blog first, as this discussion follows it.
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  • saveallmymoneysaveallmymoney Forumite
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    A lot of the calls seemed to be made on Blackberrys, not exactly the kind of phone a contestant would have so i think they must have been offered the use of one of the production members phones.

    Interestingly the Irish ones all looked to be using their own phones.
  • They've probably been sponsored by Blackberry or whoever to advertise the phones (much like the contestants on The Apprentice all shout into the same phones, which were probably made by S'Alan's company), so they might be footing the bill.
  • JCB_DiggerJCB_Digger Forumite
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    I'd guess that all the contestants are given shiny new phones courtesy of the Carphone Warehouse (show sponsors):-

    1) none of the 'phones shown was an old model
    2) if I give my better half a 'phone for more than a couple of days it'll have picked up multiple handbag 'wounds' as part of day to day life - the phones shown are _spotless_

    Regards, John B.
  • That's why we love you Martin.

    We're all at home wondering how bad the contestant's are going to be, who is going to get through... and you're there wondering about the cost of the phone calls, wondering if they really need all those lights on (could save on the electricity bills)...
  • We thought the same thing as Martin but just thought Carphone Warehouse pay as the show sponsors.
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