Egyptian Currency/using ATM's in Egypt, i'm unsure???


i'm off to El Gouna, Egypt on 30th December for a week, ive read in other threads its best to get currency out of the ATM machines in Egypt.

Is this the best thing to do instead of say, ordering it online before i go, on Travelex?

My cash card is a normal Halifax bank account card and i've always assumed that using a bank card abroad is expensive and the exchange rate not so good, and that i would be charged everytime i made a withdrawal?

I would appreciate any info or advice on this matter.



  • black-saturn
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    I personally would take travellers cheques or currency. I have never been able to get my basic card to work abroad.
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  • pin
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    I've had no problems taking money out in Egypt (was in Dahab) from an ATM.

    First thing check how much Halifax will charge for foreign ATM withdrawals and any other charges they have.

    Next thing is go go on the Mastercard and Visa websites to see if there are ATMs in El Gouna.
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  • HGLTsuperstar
    Forget Halifax, the golden rule for debit and credit cards abroad is Nationwide of course. Get there first thing tomorrow (monday) and it'll be sorted before you go. Use debit for cash withdrawal and credit for purchases. Simple.
  • ralphy
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    i haven't got a nationwide account though...
  • MrSmartprice
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    Well, if you travel abroad it's time you had!!
  • HGLTsuperstar
    ralphy wrote:
    i haven't got a nationwide account though...

    Well I kind of guessed that, as said get your a"£$ into gear and get down there and open one!
  • Fraserca
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    ATM's in Egypt are availble most town centres. I must admit to being impressed with Egyptian security in Luxor last year. i crossed the road following an ATM sign to find a ' hole in the wall' at 10 pm with a Policeman with an AK47 guarding it..

    I dreww my £200 or so and realised he was watching - It was Ok though but I felt guilty as its probably a years wages for him I had in my hand to fritter away over a few days
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    When I was in Egypt last year most of the traders were only too happy to accept any currency.
    They would quote you a price in euros, sterling ,cyprus pounds or anything else you carried and leave it to you how you paid. Credit cards were widely accepted in the larger resorts
  • grumbler
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    Halifax will charge you 2.75%+£1.50 for each transaction. It is worth avoiding small transactions. Apply for Nationwide card when you come back!

    Haven't had any problems with withdrawing cash from ATMs in Hurghada last year with Nationwide debit card (Visa) ...
  • Murphy_The_Cat
    ralphy wrote:

    i'm off to El Gouna, Egypt on 30th December for a week,


    You lucky so and so going to El Gouna in Winter. It was one of the best holiday destinations (& holidays) that I have been fortunate enough to take.

    Hope you have a great time. 36_1_11.gif

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