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Anyone know anything about Autobytel? Found on

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Manchester_LucyManchester_Lucy Forumite
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I was browsing for a good deal on a new car after already seeing quite a few from the car supermarkets, anyway I came across Autobytel.

Personally I've never heard of them before but they seem to source the car of your choice from dealers(?) but give you what if often a big discount. So much so that they are cheaper than who I've always considered to be one of the cheapest around AND they say on their website that they don't deal with imports.

Just wanted to know if anyone had dealt with them before and could shed any light on whether they are worth using.


  • blue_haddockblue_haddock Forumite
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    Autobytel are owned by Inchcape Automotive who are a large chain of dealerships so they are very secure. You would deal with the call centre and the car would be delivered to you from one of inchcapes franchised dealerships.
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