Gas bill can't be right !!!

I purchased a property in June 08 with a view to modernising it and sell on. My first task was to remove pretty much everything (carpets, kitchen, bathroom, wallpaper etc) leaving a pretty much blank canvass. however in late July I had second thoughts regarding doing up the property and decided to sell it. Luckily for me I found a buyer pretty quick and one week ago I completed contracts. Today I have received a Gas bill for £254.00 and a Electricity bill for £3.54. I was totally gobsmacked ! I never lived in the property. I switched the C/H Boiler off and removed the cooker within days of buying it. In fact I've only been there approx 15 times to work on it. There was never any smell of gas. Meter readings :- June 20/08 03190 - Sept 15/08 03815. There is one anomaly which I feel stupid to own up to in that the final reading (03815) was read buy the new owners (it slipped my mind to do it, not that I have any reason to doubt what they say) Any ideas or thoughts would be much appreciated. I called B.G. but there not interested I suppose people try it on all the time !


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    Well ask the new owners to let you read the meter now and see what it is reading - in 10 days they won't have used that much.

    If they won't let you read it challenge the bill with BG and say it was(make up a figure) and ask them to check themselves.

    If the new owners have invented a reading it is fraud(although impossible to prove it was deliberate) I wouldn't pay on principle.
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    Did you read the meter when you bought the property and agree with the opening figure of 3190?
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    Many thanks
    for your replies. I called the Estate agents to ask the new owners to check the reading which they did, It came out the same + a few more decimals. Yes the 3190 was the opening figure I read. Got to admit I'd like to check the reading now myself ! However I can't believe someone would knowingly give a false reading, surely they would be found out. Regards not paying the bill I don't think I've got a leg to stand on unless I pursue it legally.
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