Inverness - Lochgorm or Sharon Leon?

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Which is the least of the evils? :rolleyes:

I'm after a particular Rhinogrip vinyl floor covering that not everywhere deals with so can't go to Allied or Carpetright/wise etc.

I've heard pretty bad feedback on both Lochgorm and Sharon Leon so they wouldn't have been my first port of call but I'm stuck.

Lochgorm is £100 cheaper than Sharon Leon and SL wont come down any more, but it seems to be the Devil and the deep with regards to who is better/worse.

Any one opinions..had good/bad service/fitting from either of the above? Or any ideas where else to try for the Rhinogrip?

Herman - MP for all! :)


  • I've been a Sharon Leon customer for over 20 years since I moved to Nairn. I have had nothing but an excellent service from them. Yes I have found that they can be a bit more expensive but you get what you pay for. They pay attention to the detail. They always made sure I had the right carpet for where I needed it. When I lived in Glasgow the companies there would sell you anything.

    To be honest I did have a problem with my Lounge carpet a couple of months after it was fitted it started to ripple so I called them up. Someone came round three days later and stretched it and it's been fine since. Seamingly it can happen to any carpet. Anyway i'm happy now and wouldn't try anyone else.

    I've been in Lochgorm looking for furniture and to be honest you can't compare the two shops in the same league.
    I've only ever heard bad stories about Lochgorm and people being thrown out of the shop for complaining. Don't know if thats true but don't want to be liable for anything.
    Haven't ever heard a bad worn on Sharon Leon although i'm sure there's always someone that has a bad experience in any shop. It's how they sort it that counts.

    Hope this helps
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    Many thanks for the reply tartanhighlander. :beer:

    As it happens, I was speaking to a neighbour just last night who more or less said the same as you, they would pick Sharon Leon over Lochgorm too.

    I've also found a review on the net about Lochgorm from a disgruntled customer so I think I'll avoid them now. :D
    Herman - MP for all! :)
  • I can NOT recommend using Lochgorm. I have recently had problems with them. I was quoted eight weeks for a sofa to be delivered and months after that date i am still waiting for it. The salesman lied telling me it was a solid good quality English built sofa but later the owner admitted that it was a cheap eastern import and that was why it took so long to arrive. On asking to cancel our order the owner phoned me shouting, ranting and raving telling me we had no option to cancel. He has said i was tied to their contract, and that the sofa will arrive when it arrives(now no quotes of dates at all!). PLEASE do not use them. Stick with Sharon Leon, I have always had good service from them.
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