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Is there anything I can do or is there word final?

ok to cut a long story short...I missed 3 payments of my council tax. Had a letter today summoning me to court...Went to talk to the council who wrote up a payment plan for me. Not matter how much I begged and pleaded and told them it was too much, they still wouldnt lower it. Even after filling out a form which showed income and out goings and he could clearly see I was left with £44 a month "spare" (oh and we are a family of 7) I have to pay an extra £50 a month. Not entitled to council tax benefit. Is there anyway at all I can get the arrears lowered? Or am i stuck with that amount?

Many thanks


  • justthisonce_2
    I assume the £50 is in addition to the council tax you haven't been able to pay? That must seem like a mountain.

    Perhaps you could put your SOA up so people can have a look , see if you are claiming everything you are entitled to and see where economies can perhaps be made.
  • RAS
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    Council tax is a priority debt like rent, food and utilities.

    This means that you need to pay it even if you are unable to pay other things in consequence.

    Without seeing you SAo we cannt tell you more.

    Do speak to one of the debt charities http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/loans/debt-help-plan#help who can also help you prioritise and may be able to negoitiate on your behalf.

    Also check you circumstances with www.entitledto.com
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  • lilac_lady
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    Is there no appeal system that the Council uses if you you can't make the payments they requested?
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  • torikate
    Hi Bluekatie.
    We have also had a lot of trouble with our Council Tax. We have been taken to court about 5 times as we just could not afford to pay what they told us we had to. I then spoke to the council themselves and told them incoming and outgoings. I explained my situation and they have set me up a payment plan of what I can afford. They would rather I offer something I can keep to instead of a lot that I will never be able to pay. I have to contact them each new tax year with an update and they up my payments to include that years. I would try speaking directly to the council as the more times you miss, the more you get taken to court and the more fees they charge you, putting you in an even worse position that you are already. I wish you the best of luck with this. Feel free to PM me if you think I can help anymore x
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  • davek1
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    this varies from council to council. However in a perverse way them taking you to court is a blessing because the court can lower your payments. Go along to the hearing ( most people don't) and show the Magistrates your I & E sheet. Explain your position and be prepared to answer questions. Bear in mind this is a magistrates court so you will be required to be on oath or affirmation.

    The Magistrates will then decise what additional payment you shuld make

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