hi all not sure if this is the place to list this if not i appologise,

to cut long story short, i wrote to a catalogue i have as they had put a default on my credit file, i never recieved a default notice and had set up a payment arrangement with them long before. i recieved a very snotty letter back today, long time since i sent mine so theey took thier time!! saying they had not placed a default on and had not sent a default notice either, they very snottily said the entry stays it gives a clear picture of my account.

i am very angry because i do have a default on my file put on by them with a default date. i have written back intend to post out recorded tom, saying that they have admitted to not issuing a default notice as it is not appropriate ( thier words not mine) therefore they are in breach of data protection act as they have registered false info on my file.

just wanted to claryfy that this is right, if they admit they have not defaulted the account then they are registering false info???

two weeksa ago i actually did the request for cca, as i know there isnt one but this reply is infact to my first letter not that one although i did mention it in the letter im posting tom.

any info to claryfy the legal job on this or input is very much accepted.

thanks in advance

self confessed 80's throwback:D
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  • poorandindenial
    If I were you I would raise it with the credit reference agency that you got your credit report from, send them a copy of the letter saying no default should be there and let them sort it for you.

    Mind you not sure what happens about the cca request as from what I have read from other posters that places the debt in dispute but hopefully someone cleverer than me will be along to clarify that.
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  • louiser123
    thanks poorandindenial,

    i thought that too but was just unsure if i was right on the legal side ect as to the default
    self confessed 80's throwback:D
    sealed pot challenge 2009 #488 (couldnt tell you how much so far as i cant open it to count it!!:mad: )
  • poorandindenial
    they sound as if they have got a bit confused in the letter but they have a duty to supply the credit ref agency with accurate info and the CRA have a duty to show correct info.

    It might be worth looking on the national debtline website too, they may have a factsheet on defaults etc

    If they have given false info to the CRA and you can't get it sorted then you should inform the information commissioner.

    Just a final note, even if you renegotiated the plan they can still issue a default BUT as far as I know you have to be formally notified of the default for it to be valid (again check the nat debt line website to make sure I haven't just dreamt that)
    £34,547 (Dec 07); Current debt: £zilch (Debt free December 2010)
    Sealed Pot #389 (2010=£133)
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