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Save money on Children's equipment

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NonnieNonnie Forumite
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To quote a well-known supermarket's catchphrase (grammatically):
Every little saving helps.

I've noticed a major child clothing/toy/equipment store & superstore are selling a lot of almost duplicate items. For example, in their latest catalogue, four different toilet training items are sold at two different prices - the ones with the cute duck at £xx and the ones with the Disney Character on them at £xx+2.

Two quid per item just to buy a Trademark???? I think not, especially when you think what my little boy will be aiming at it!


  • HappySadHappySad Forumite
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    I've noticed this and was thinking of making my own trade mark product by buying the sew on patches and stickers.

    I looked for "Bob the builder" patches on ebay but they were really expensive. But stickers are cheap then you just put the sticker on anything you like and it is then a trade product.

    This also happended when I once went into Dixons to purchase a camera. One camera was £10 and the other was £15. The difference was that it had the word "Sport" printed on it. They were the same colour. What a ripe off!!!!!

    This is the same with most trademark produces. Clothes designers go off to factory owners and get them to may their jeans/clothes and then put their label on them and sell them for loads of money. Its big business.
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  • pdoffpdoff Forumite
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    this is really common. when ds was born 3.5 years ago we bought a changing mat for about £3 from wilkinsons which has only just started to rip (used as mat for after bath only now dry in day), friend paid around £20 (!!!!) for a designer one which didn't last half as long. some people have "more brass na sense" as my mum would say!
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