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'Breaking my ribs by not braking properly' blog discussion

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  • Crikey Martin, do please take it as easy as possible. I know that'll be hard given your TV appearances etc., but remember your health must come first, and we need you...:o
    Poor Lara must have been terrified, bless her!

    I hope you are feeling much better soon, and the pain eases ASAP.

    All good wishes for the new IPTW series, I know it'll be brilliant... :D
    ................................... MSE MARTIN LEWIS ... :A ... THANK YOU.......................
  • Ouch, Take care, Rest and in future dont try to be a boy racer ;)
    September wins: 101 Love songs album 5 cds - Bowtime Fridge magnet!? - So..? Exciting perfume Set
    October Wins: 3 x Sunsilk shower Lotion
  • Please don't tell me gran.

    Sorry, had to :rotfl: at that bit. :D
    If you lend someone a tenner and never see them again, it was probably worth it.
  • From the title I didn't think of go-karting - I thought you'd done yourself an injury trying to drive more efficiently as part of your petrol saving strategy:o
    It sounds awful, I can't believe you have to just live with it until it mends itself :eek: I thought Doctors could fix most things these days. Hope you make a speedy recovery :o
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  • Surely you braked too late.

    Although, from your ribs' perspective, perhaps you broke too early!

  • PinzyPinzy Forumite
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    You may know this already but.... Buy yourself a stash of odourless garlic capsules, and at the merest hint of the sniffles, take a lot of capsules, I mean a Lot. Around 4 in the morning, same again in the evening. This is pretty much guaranteed to stop colds in their tracks. Do it even if you have a cold, it'll shorten the recovery time considerably (if in throes of cold, chuck some zinc down too).

    Since finally listening to my mum and doing this, me + OH haven't had a single cold for nearly 3 years. (Previously would have them as often as everyone else.)

    Finally, don't go for the cheapest - the difference in quality is astonishing. Holland & Barrat will do 1000mg capsules for about £6, thought I'd bought a bargain in Tesco at around £2, then realised they were only 2mg! I always stock up when H&B are doing a 'better than half price' sale, save 75% sometimes.

    Hope this helps.
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