About to have a Baby? Free Contraction Master!

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Contraction Master below is available free on desktop but the app isn't. If it's a free app you want try Full Term for iphone and ipad.

Back to lexuslass' original post,,,

I found this site invaluable recently when I was in the last weeks of pregnancy and having a few 'false alarms'!!

You just push the space bar on your keyboard at the start and at the end of your contractions and it keeps a record of the frequency and duration of them....So much easier than sitting watching the second hand on a watch or clock to time them!!!

Hope this proves useful to someone else!! :D




  • Muffy0
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    oooh I used something like that when I was in labour with my second son! :D I found it took my mind of the pain and that was so useful as any woman who has laboured knows!
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    Oooh Thanks So Much
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    Been a long time but i'm back.
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    ..Giving Birth Has It's Funny Side is for mothers- and fathers, who suffer through childbirth without anesthetic.
    :A Every moment is a gift. That's why we call it the present.!:A
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  • jumblejack
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    ..giving birth has its funny side for mothers- and fathers, who suffer through childbirth without anesthetic.
    :A Every moment is a gift. That's why we call it the present.!:A
    Grocery Spend Weekly Challenge (Sat-Fri):£30.50/£40
  • Excellent! I'm expecting our second child, and this will be better than the old pen and paper system I used last time!

    By the way, for anyone worried about painful childbirth and feeling guilty about having an epidural, just think.... you wouldn't go to the dentist to have a tooth out without pain relief, so why feel you have to have a baby (which takes a lot longer and is much more painful) without it? Everyone has an opinion on this, so just listen to all the facts and then make your own decision and don't feel bad about it, either way! You'll end up giving birth to a beautiful baby, however it comes out!

    Good luck to all and enjoy your bubs!:j
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    I used this site and it was great. Gave me much more idea of when I should go to hospital.
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  • my fiancee found this about 2 weeks ago, defo gunna use it

    got 3 weeks left!!
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  • When I was in labour with my first baby it happened very quickly, at 6pm I wanted to go to hospital, they said not to come in til the next day as it was my first baby and it couldn't possibly happen that quickly. My baby arrived at 8pm!
    Luckily I trusted my own instinct and had already planted myself at the hospital at about 7pm, they still didn't examine me and the baby was born virtually without any support, assistance only arriving at the very last moment. No pain relief! I have a few choice words for the staff that night I can tell you!
  • i think people make a big fuss out of labour when it need not be.
    i had my son at 16 and i watched all the programs to get myself prepared but not scared i planned everything until i got pre-eclamisia and had to be induced otherwise from being induced i had no pain relief at all and i believe this is because when i was having a contraction i focused on pointing my ankle and relaxing!

    try it might just work for you!
  • Fantastic!! I'm due tomorrow with my 3rd and been warned this won't take long and so dont wait around!!

    Thank u
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