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  • charlieheard
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    A Smart seems to be like the original mini - driven by celebrities like Martin ;) on the one hand, and Joe Bloggs on the other. I know many people who lust after them. But should we buy cars with our hearts or our heads? I know I've rationalised many a "heartstrong" purchase :D (not that I'm saying a Smart is one)
    "Charliehead, have you looked at crash reports involving Smarts? They are one of the safest cars on the road!!!!!"
    How do you define "safe"?

    If you mean the NCAP test, they compare like with like, but would you rather be in a Smart or a Discovery in a crash between the two? I'd certainly take the Discovery. Smarts are short (their raison d'etre), so they have minimal crumple zones. I haven't seen anything definitive on this, but is a Smart safer to be in a crash in than the "average" car, whatever that is? I would guess not.

    Or do you mean active safety? The Smart is relatively tall, with a short wheelbase. To make it handle without falling over, they had to give it firm suspension and electronic aids, especially after the parent Mercedes Benz had a shock with the elk test in the A Class. So even if you think a Smart is a very safe place to be in a crash (which I don't), it is more likely to have one in the first place because of its inherent design when compared to a more normal car. (And the same is true of the Discovery FWIW)

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  • jobbingmusician
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    How about a Smart versus a Mercedes-Benz E320?
    I was a board guide here for many years, but have now resigned. Amicably, but I think it reflects very poorly on MSE that I have not even received an acknowledgement of my resignation! Poor show, MSE.

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  • Mr_Skint_2
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    Martin still regulates the site on the move you know. :rolleyes:

  • drsims
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    Sorry but I lurv my Ka - beats a Smart hands down
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  • charlieheard
    charlieheard Forumite Posts: 522
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    How about a Smart versus a Mercedes-Benz E320?
    Did you see how the Smart used the Mercedes as a punch bag? As the Smart has minimal crumple zones, it has to use the other car's. Fine in that case, but what happens when it meets another car with a small crumple zone, or one with a separate chassis (like a Discovery), or when it hits a wall?

    Small crumple zone = more rapid deceleration = more significant injuries.


    "You may have speed, but I have momentum"
  • smartmaniacs
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    Yes I am "one of the faithful" - lol
    *The smart has a triple skin tridion (silver or black around the car) which effectively means it's like driving round in your own portable roll cage :D
    *In a major collision the rear engine is designed to slide downwards
    (away from the passengers).
    *The seat backs are metal and (in most cases) above head height to reduce possible whip lash.
    * There are very large box sections front & rear directly attached
    to the tridion safety cell which again, absorbs potential damage to passengers.
    * There are also large metal bars in the doors to protect in a side on collision.
    In addition to that they have a Mercedes designed traction control and anti-lock braking system.

    Not bad in a little car.
    I do know of a few people who have had un-avoidable accidents in their smarties and in every case they've been more than pleased with the protection offered by these superb little cars.

    If you want a picture of a smart Tridion and further safety details you
    can find it here
    and here's one of our old threads that covers the TUV testing of the smart car

    Hope this helps
    All the Best
    Nicola (admin on

    p.s. The Motor Museum day you refer to in your blog was actually lots of fun,
    there were many special offers on parts and accessories AND reduced price
    entry to the museum (all for the price of a "wave" -lol).
    The smart brand attracts all sorts of people, some for the money saving aspect, some because it's not the standard "euro box" and some because
    they like it's universal appeal......(the residual values aren't bad either!) ;)
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  • s2trash
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    LOL I was the one who organised Beaulieu..there where 255 of us there
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  • s2trash
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    have seen smarts that have crashed doing over 60 mph and every time the driver walks away,also seen pics of a smart that killed a volvo and one that endid the life of a me there strong
  • Dora_the_Explorer_5
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    "And best of all its a non-status car, unlike a normal small car, no one can work out how much money a smart owner earns!"

    Oh dear, I haven't laughed so much for ages :rotfl:

    I'm now off to join the Micra owners club :T
  • s2trash
    s2trash Forumite Posts: 3 Newbie
    theres over 18.000 of us regitserd on one site
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