Have high fuel costs changed the way you drive? Poll results/discussion

Poll between 02-08 Sept 2008:

Have high fuel costs changed the way you drive?

The price of petrol is at a record high. There are three main ways to cut the cost of fuel; you can drive more efficiently, up your car’s efficiency via decluttering and other tricks, and use comparison sites to find cheaper fuel. Read the full cheap petrol & diesel guide for full info.

Which of the following best describes changes you’ve made in the last two years (for car read also bike and van)

A. I use the car less. 13% (763 votes)
B. I drive less aggressively/more efficiently. 21% (1255 votes)
C. I’ve decluttered the car/made it more efficient. 1% (86 votes)
D. I use the car less AND drive less aggressively. 12% (749 votes)
E. I drive less aggressively AND have decluttered the car. 6% (363 votes)
F. I use the car less AND have decluttered it. 3% (157 votes)
G. All the methods above. 13% (814 votes)
H. I don’t drive. 5% (290 votes)
I. I got rid of my car. 3% (169 votes)
J. I made all these changes more than two years ago. 6% (368 votes)
K. I’ve not changed at all. 17% (1041 votes)

Voting has now closed, but you can still click 'post reply' to discuss below. Thanks :)



  • I voted "K" because for all my driving years, not just the last two, I have always driven defensively and efficiently with a light right foot and anticipated the situation ahead and around.
    That's the way I was taught by my professional driver father and it stuck! He taught me to drive, not pass a test!
  • I voted F, I still use car for work and social trips but i do think about a pointless trip to the shops etc, also make teenage daughter use bus more often.
  • I'm a B - I shortshift the whole time now, never go above 3500 revs (which is 75mph in 5th), overtake in higher gears etc. I call it "grandad driving".

    That said, I also go round corners much faster now, to save having to speed up again, so not sure that counts as less aggressive :)
  • I'm looking to buy a more fuel efficient car ie a smaller engine or a diesel, I'm sure there are many people looking to do the same thing!
  • Coveredinbees!!!!Coveredinbees!!!! Forumite
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    K, I don't pay for the fuel so......
    Nothing to see here, move along.
  • teddycoteddyco Forumite
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    I drive less aggressively and notice the difference in amount of fuel I use. My wife and I are planning to buy her brother's 2004 Volvo V50 which is a more efficient diesel engine.
  • DKLSDKLS Forumite
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    Has to be K for me, I get 40p a mile so, havent had to change, although i do make one small concession, I dont rev over 5500 rpm any more. :D
  • I vote for L (the option that doesn't exist!)

    I've still got a car for the weekly shop, but I've now bought a motorbike and use that for the commute. Much more fuel economical, cheaper tax and queue busting!
  • I voted K. I have never driven aggressively, etc., so wouldn't need to change that, and stick to the speed limits. I am unable to walk very far due to back problems, so have to use my car even for fairly short journeys. And public transport is virtually non-existent where I live - for instance, if I want to go by train, the station is three miles from my house, two miles from the edge of town, and, although there are buses that go there, they are infrequent. My daughter needed to go one day and she checked, the last morning bus was at 8.45am and the next at noon, so you are stuck if you need to go later in the morning (ie. when cheaper fares come in). The only other way to the station is by taxi, but that is hardly saving the environment, etc!!
  • I started carsharing for my commute into work (not for everyone and it means you need to find someone with a similar journey using something like liftshare) - it halved my fuel bill in one stroke :) I suppose that really counts as "A)Driving less"
    Wins so far this year: It's been a quiet year so far :)
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