Recommendation for a new bank account

I've been with the Abbey for as long as I can remember, but recently I've had problems and their customer service has been terrible.

I have considered moving my account, but I'm unsure as to whether any other banks would be any better. Should I stay where I am where's it's "better the devil you know," or should I move my money elsewhere?


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    Hi spearr. I recently decided to move from Lloyds to A&L because of the interest rates. It was the worst decision ever. It took forever for the transfer which meant it was really difficult to keep track of what was there and when supposedly complete, it turns out they (A&L) didn't transfer over the incoming money so lots going out and none coming in! Wish I had just stayed put! Hope this helps!!!:eek:
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  • Have you considered opening another one then slowly moving over to it, running both side by side for a little while until you're sure that everything is running smoothly?
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    Got to say our experience of switching current accounts wasn't great and next time I'll let them open the account and I'll personally switch the direct debits. We ended up with the old account frozen (with our cash locked in it) and the new one open with direct debits coming out but no funds. Thankfully the small overdraft we were given was enough to last until the banks reopened (this was over christmas!)
  • I would recommend First Direct every time, Fantastic customer service, cannot fault them.
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