Anyone here got Married in Vegas? (Or Abroad)

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Me and my fiancee are planning to get married in Vegas hopefully within 2 years. So we are looking for all the tips we can.

I know you can book a 'package' but we would rather do it all ourselves like book flights, then hotel rooms and then the wedding out there.

We also want to go to San Francisco aswell and might even hire a car out there and go on a road trip (route 66 etc).

Any help would be very helpful


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    There are loads of tips about Vegas on the travel board, one or two down from here..

    We got married in Las Vegas then went to SF for 3 days.

    would do it all again tomorrow - especially the hot air balloon and the grand canyon trip.
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    Suggest you go along to tripdavisor website..forums
  • we got married out there 2 years ago would do it again in a heartbeat - In fact begging hubby to go back again next year for our anniversary.

    We booked our flights and hotel through Lastminute, although expedia and lastminute changed day by day as to who was the cheapest. But they were both cheaper if we booked the flights and hotel together.

    The wedding was too easy to arrange we arrived wed afternoon, went to the chapel we had chosen, (we got married in our hotel MGM) and booked the wedding for the next day my only criteria was that I wanted my hair done included in the package. We chose the music, the flowers then and there. They phone through to the limo company, who arranged to pick us up at 8:00 (to give us time for food) the Limo took us to the court house to get the wedding license. They booked my hair for 2hours before the ceremony and we got married the next day at 3:30. It was exactly what we wanted.

    Just be prepared for more walking than you can ever imagine. There is a reason that every store you go into sells blister plasters - you just don't realise how far you are walking.

    We stayed at the MGM, but all the hotels on the strip are amazing. If you have any queries on any of the hotels just ask - we checked them all out.


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    Definitely DIY regarding flights and hotels, it is much cheaper. We married here after much research and watching recordings of other weddings and did not regret it. We had our wedding meal (chef's taster - 6 courses with wine) in the Venetian. Grand Canyon is a must - we did it by helicopter.
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    Hope people dont mind this but what was your budget?

    Looking at Tripadvisor MGM has got the best Hotel in Vegas (Signtaure) and a decent price for what it is.

    We might do a 7-10 days in Las Vegas and the rest in SF. Really wanna see Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam.
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    5 to 7 days in Vegas max, because the electrical atmosphere getting to you - I'm not joking - many forums agree on this one. ;)

    If I did it again I'd spend more time in the Grand Canyon, one day was not enough- we did the fly in from Vegas, helicopter down, boat tour along then back up by plane and have lunch with the Hualapai Native Americans - the ones who are now building the glass walkway out over the canyon.

    San Francisco in 3 days - we could have done with another couple of days to visit more of the districts, but in 3 days we managed the city tour, Alcatraz, rode the trams etc.

    we got married in £2001 and our 9 nights cost around £2,200 booking with Kuoni, back then we weren't taking any risks if anythign went wrong - but all the extras we booked online - the wedding itself was $250 plus license fee and tip for the limo driver.:money: Hot air balloon trip around £75GBP each, canyon about £180 each.

    All in all the trip and spending came to less than £5K, that's inlcuding hubby's hand made kilt outfit though.

    Our place of marriage was 'A Las Vegas Wedding Chapel' and the ceremony was very sincere, done by a pastor, no sign of Elvis (although DH did mention wanting a Japanese Elvis impersonator I said NO:p) it was heartfelt, and although the video is only 7 minutes long, it didn't feel as quick!

    We stayed in the Venetian in Vegas, it had only had the first phase built then, the suite was wonderful - loved it!

    In San Francsisco we stayed in the Westin St. Francis on Union Square - the BA pilots were staying there too - very plush, crystal chandeliers in the lobby etc and the beds are called 'Heavenly beds' and they really are.Normal styled rooms though. However, I'd go for the Holiday Inn round the corner from it - much cheaper and it has a pool, and you won't spend much time in the room in SF - and go in the Westin for a nose round and maybe a drink in the bar. ;)

    Hope this helps!
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  • Hi, this is the second attempt at posting, last one mse deleted:

    Ours cost £1139 not too expensive for both of us, because we chose January, we had planned to marry in December, but the prospect of Turkey dinner for the rest of anniversary's dinner put us off (yes I am that shallow). Although we didn't plan on all the Ricky Hatton supportes. We planned to stay in th West wing of the MGM, as although we looked at the signature we were too lazy to walk to the main hotel to get to anything/

    The wedding cost $895 including hair, limo for license,flowers and photos at the MGM. It was so simple we arrived on the wed & booked it for the thurs pm. so easy, and when we did it I swear it went by in a blur, I got giggles and other half became mute. If you need to know anything about prices etc the details are all on the web.

    Good Luck - oh and order 2 copies of your cert it makes it so much more simpler if your other half changes her name.

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    Although do look at the Travel board too, as already suggested!
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    We got married in Vegas in March, hubby proposed on the plane and had arranged the wedding for 2 days later at the little white wedding chaple.

    He had arranged everything before we traveled and said that everyone was REALLY helpfull, he got a package for the wedding that included limo, dress, flowers, button hole, webcam recording etc..... nothing was missed out - it was great and meant we didn't waste any time arranging it while we were there

    Got our rings from tiffany in the belagio - bling bling....

    had wedding dinner in the paris and watched the fountains at the bellagio

    We stayed in the Luxor, lovely room, did the helecopter grand canyon tour,

    would go back in a hartbeat!!!

    would recommend booking your holiday and wedding seperatly - and chose ur chaple before you go - maybe even book the package

    congrats and U'll love it!
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    I know i've PM'd you but here's some more things I remembered....

    Get rings there much better value for ours from Zales the Jewellers, if you google it you'll find it.

    Must see the bellagio fountains...... made me blub!! Can ditto the part about walking we got married early evening and got dropped off at the bellagio and decided to "stroll" to the Mirage in sky high heels.....big mistake shoudl have took some flip flops!! Because everything is sooo big it all looks closer than it is and what you think is a short stroll isn't comfy shoes a must!

    Grand Canyon is a must see as well, we did a day trip again picked up by limo taken to a private airfield went over hoover dam, included a boat trip on the Colorado River and then lunch...amazing.

    We went for 4 nights and then onto Arizona for a week, Vegas is very overwhelming would suggest a few nights there and then some downtime somewhere quieter.

    Would do it all again in a heartbeat. Want to go again right now talking about it.
    Remember ....its not a bargain unless you need it :D
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