How does debt/money saving impact on your life?



  • I'm still beating myself up for the fact that I left my immersion heater on overnight and left a hob on my cooker on for 2 hours after finishing cooking both on the same day! :mad:

    For some reason I remember to be tight as a gnat's whatsit when it comes to my leccy but manage to have haemorraged money in shops this last couple of weeks. Time to get a grip for me I think
    £34,547 (Dec 07); Current debt: £zilch (Debt free December 2010)
    Sealed Pot #389 (2010=£133)
  • I don't have debts anymore :-)

    However I did notice that as time went on
    My self esteem increased
    Like the control I now have in my life
    Realised how many people actually do have debts but don't shout about it or do any thing about it (this moved from a neg when it chnaged from just me with debts and everyone else rolling in it)
    Liked my values changing

    Now hate it if I have to use my ISA for anything (have to transfer money to clear holiday credit card) GGGGGGRRRRRRR

    It does get better - good luck to everyone
  • Robbda
    Robbda Posts: 169 Forumite

    I know where my money is going finally
    i know i have a target date to be debt free and there is however small a light at the end of the tunnel
    I appreciate the value of the little things more

    I can't afford to go out really and if i do i feel guilty
    i'm hiding it from my other half so he doesn't understand why i' so stressed about my money at the moment
    its going to b 5 years and 1 month til my credit file is clean again
    Piggy Bank £12.....Delay repay claims for train delays £98.75! mystery shopper work £20 Quidco £9.77 You Gov £1.00
    Payment a day challenger 63 - Ebay cleared! MORTGAGE ARREARS CLEARED :T
  • DdraigGoch
    DdraigGoch Posts: 730 Forumite
    First Anniversary First Post Mortgage-free Glee!

    I am feeling more in control
    I am feeling less antagonistic towards the rest of the family [now they're coming around to my way of thinking!!]
    I am less likely to get miserable and go out and spend .. or if I do, it's pennies rather than pounds!

    I seem to spend all my time faffing around with penny-saving strategies, instead of getting on with life
    I think I nag far too much about money
    I worry that my obsession with avoiding debt is driving friends and family away - no real signs of it, to be honest, but I do worry

    but then if I didn't have anything to worry about, I'd probably worry about THAT!
    If you see me on here - shout at me to get off and go and get something useful done!! :D
  • Buzzbox
    Buzzbox Posts: 261 Forumite
    It has shown me that you do not need to make a fortune to live like a king and that it is needed to save a decent percent of your monthly wages for your future as you never know what might happen.
    Smile more often, it's FREE :hello: Live on £4000 for a year stalker! :p
  • mbaz
    mbaz Posts: 895 Forumite
    I am desperate for another baby but am not having one until I'm debt free...12 months hopefully!!! So being in debt having a massive impact on me at mo!
  • Positives:

    - feel like i am facing up to problems
    - feel more in control although still sliding
    - reviewed what is a need and what is a want
    - take advice with a pinch of salt
    - deal with things straight away
    - the pen is mightier than the word
    - when a new bill lands on the floor - pay what I can before the due date and then phone up to spread payment - even small things give a sense of control
    - notional lottery is cheaper.
    - Don't like dotted lines
    - realised how much i was wasting on newspapers, food, energy, pub, magazines, cds, books - it all means nothing if you can't afford it - and realising this is probably the sum of my debt.
    - last but not least - decluttering:j


    - dealing with debt zaps a lot of time and energy
    - puts other areas of your life on hold
    - the ups and downs
    - ability to switch to better deals is hampered this is probably the most vexing as i could do with switching phone broadband etc but know as soon as i do i will incur a temporary cost that is impossible to meet.
    - keeping up with friends who are at the pub
    - seeing friends and family taking out credit AND payment protection when they dont need it. Managed to get my sister to refuse payment protection but still took the card - she only needs one lean month to sort her balance out but...
    - When it comes to getting a mortgage later on I'll run out of the bank when i see the dotted line or my signature wont match.
    - last but not least - flogging the stuff I am trying to declutter.:confused:
  • Buzzbox wrote: »
    It has shown me that you do not need to make a fortune to live like a king and that it is needed to save a decent percent of your monthly wages for your future as you never know what might happen.

    Absolutely agree
  • Jacks_xxx
    Jacks_xxx Posts: 3,874 Forumite
    I used to feel hopeless and helpless, now I feel optimistic and capable instead. :j

    Learning about all this has given me a huge boost in confidence. I'm no longer scared of new things. I negotiated my way through the money maze so brain surgery can hold no terrors for me! :D

    I feel that I am a better parent because of this. I'm taking better care of my family financially. They're getting a better financial education than we ever did, and we do moneysaving things like carbooting as a family.:)

    It's been great for my marriage. Battling through this together has been a bonding and relationship strengthening experience. :kisses3:

    The Great Declutter has been good for the house as well as the debt effort. :dance:

    I'm really emotional about money. I get horribly upset when I hear of people being mis-sold financial products, mis-informed about financial matters, or victimised or discriminated against because of their perceived financial "worth". :mad:

    Sometimes I beat myself up that we were such fools about money before, and managed to dig ourselves such a great big hole. :embarasse

    I feel sad that my friends don't understand, but I've stopped trying to explain or trying to keep up. :(

    I do think about money waaaay more than I want to, but I guess it goes with the territory. ;)

    Love Jacks xxx :D
    Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. Einstein
  • Totally with Hypno (not that I seem to get much spare time, but I can always make time for MSE, even if its midnight sometimes!


    * MSE of course!!!!
    * I have learned my lesson about 'bad debt' by being over £10k in debt, and while I cannot put my hand on my heart and say that I will never be in debt again, I feel empowered to make it work more in my favour.
    * I feel well placed to teach my son how to manage his money responsibly, and already have a high int acc for him.
    * I think I am a more clued up consumer than I used to be, if I can't get a deal/discount or cashback, I don't want it!
    * Stoozing - yay!
    * My influence just might be starting to rub off on OH!
    * I have filled my ISA allowance for the first time EVER!!!


    * My change in attitude has caused a lot of arguements with OH as he's not 'in the same place' as I am re money.
    * I'm ashamed to say that I have become a bit judgemental towards people that haven't had their LBMs yet :o and sometimes too freely give unwanted advice - I need to learn to keep my mouth shut!
    * I spend a lot of time, perhaps too much time, thinking about money. If I cannot check EMM at least once per day, I start to worry about what might/might not be happening with my money!
    * I think I am too strict on myself at times, causing me to have massive blow-outs every so often
    * I question everything OH does with his money, which I fear makes him rebel even more
    'We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars' - Oscar Wilde
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