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Why a book Review

I don't often write book reviews.  However I decided to do one having picked up a rather interesting book while at a friends house and popping to use her loo.

What's the Book?

The book is called 'Beauty Scoops' and it's by Julia Carling and Kate Shapland.  It's a review book of most different types of cosmetic treatments and prejoratively recommends the best and the worst.

Why am I writing about it?

So why am i bothering to write a post about it.  It's simple really, i often browse at review works, especially consumer reviews by other journalists and see subjective opiniated tripes, offering no real guidance.

Yet this book, even though it is about beauty, used some strong methodology getting lots of women to systematically test a huge range of products.  It didnt' fall for the 'retail hypnosis' which says expensive products and brand names are best.

I scanned through it and the truth is I don't know that many of the products, but I do know good, well-researched  methodology, and i wanted to applaud it and recommend it.

So for those interested in it, it's a good buy. It's also not a bad present (especially if it encourages value driven cosmetic purchases  ;) )



The Amazon Listing (for customer reviews)

Price Comparison Result for cheapest

PS.  Just in case any one is wondering, no I've never met either of the authors and don't know them.  It was purely a happen stance find in a toilet!
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  • Why thank you, kind sir, I was sitting here trying to find something else to give my sisters for Christmas - problem solved. (And one of them lives close enough so that I can borrow it ;D )

    Fab site - keep up the good work :D

  • Julia Carling...Kate Shapland...real heavyweights ???...don't think I'll bother
  • Face for Radio getting a new job in TV ?? :D;) ;D
  • Jay-Jay_4
    Jay-Jay_4 Posts: 7,351 Forumite
    Martin Lewis sitting on the bog reading about make up  ;D  ;D  ;D

    I've heard it all now  ;)    ;D    :-*

    Edited to add 'Thanks, will have a look at this cos I'm a make up junkie :)'
    Just run, run and keep on running!

  • elfmay
    elfmay Posts: 18,716 Forumite
    Martin Lewis sitting on the bog reading about make up  ;D  ;D  ;D

    I've heard it all now  ;)    ;D    :-*

    LOL ;D oh eck martin is this you!!!!? :-/ :-[
    I need someone really bad! Are you really bad?
  • sparky61
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    Thanks, another pressie idea
  • Pat__3
    Pat__3 Posts: 2,880 Forumite
    I have to be bold here and ask is this a very friendly friend, and I only thought it was men that took books to the loo not us women. ;)

    When you go to the loo its get the job done and out, not sit there wallowing in it and read, to much time wasting in the privvy, did she have room for a computer this I could see the advantage of for some, a bit of piece and quiet, but don't switch the web cam on :o ;D

    Note to self get book shelf in loo in case Martin visit's ;D
  • Pat__3
    Pat__3 Posts: 2,880 Forumite
    Oh sorry forgot like the book too. ;D
  • to shiraz:
    never judge a book by its cover.or author in this case.

    some of my favourite books are books I thought I would not like that were recomended by friends.
  • lyniced
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    The cheapest place I found it was at for £7.99 and free p&p.
    Me transmitte sursum, caledoni
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