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I don't know if there is a board which covers health/illness and money issues. I have looked but I cannot find anything.

If there is nothing associated with the above could I suggest that mse may look into it.

I realise that many of you may think that illness/health has nothing to do with finance and I respect those opinions, however from personal experience one can have a great impact upon the other.

This time last year we were back and forth to a specialist hospital for my daughter almost 300 miles away from home and although the hospital covered the cost of the hotel, we still had to find money for petrol and meals etc which at the time was very difficult.
We had been given no advice as to any benefits etc we may have been able to receive (if eligable).
Now I'm not saying that I resent having to pay (I'd have remorgaged my home to ensure she got to and from hospital) but It did have a great impact upon our finances and we ended up in debt which we are now in the process of clearing.
All I'm thinking is that if there was somewhere on this forum that people could get advice regarding benefits/grants for hospital treatment etc and also receive support for those going through bad times, it may not be a bad idea.
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  • There is a Benefits board, as well as a Health and Moneysaving board.
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    Thanks dmg :beer: ,
    I hadn't found the health board until you said there was one (the health and beauty bit had me thinking cosmetics and hair instead of actual health/illness for some reason so I didn't look there:o )

    Had I have used this forum and known about these things this time last year maybe I wouldn't be in the position I am now...we live and learn.
    I just want others not to have to go through the same things that we have had to deal with.
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