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My son wears the £15 black jeans from the Offercers Club for school.They are often on a two for £20. However over the summer they were £10 a pair. When I went to purchase a pair at the Fort,Edinburgh they were priced at two for £20 when I mentioned to the sales assistant that as I only wanted one pair I wish I had bought them when I noticed they were down to £10. Oh she said I think they are still this price in the Cameron Toll store,I'll phone and find out for you! Yes they are still £10 a pair I went to Cameron Toll and purchased them.
Last week my son purchased a jacket from the Fort at £20. On going to Cameron Toll the same jacket was only £10. When we questioned this and tried to complain, the sales assistant said...we are like an outlet shop..we get the same stock but not the same variety and sell in cheaper...we get lots of complaints but there is nothing we(as sales assistants) can do about it.
Today the jeans in Cameron Toll were back up to £15 but were on BOGOF.

A bit long winded I know but basically if you are in the area check out Cameron Toll store before purchasing from the Fort which is obviously their buisier store that they can sell things dearer. It is easier to get a parking space at Cameron Toll too!!!
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