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First off - hi - this is my first post!

Second: has anybody else been on the receiving end of a 38.5% LPG price increase from Calor? I recently renewed my contract (about April) , after checking with Calor that I wouldn't be put on the Standard Domestic Tariff from the Discounted Tariff I was on at the time. They affirmed that I wouldn't and that my price increases would continue as normal, so I signed up. The other day, I received a letter from Calor stating that my price was going up to 0.3865ppl+VAT, from 0.27ppl+VAT - thats a whopping 38.5% increase on the old price - ouch!

Needless to say, I called Calor and asked why this had happened. I was told that all discounted tariffs were abolished in JUNE - and that everybody was being put on a standard tariff - 'to make it fairer' (of course, thay don't mention the extra revenue this will generate)! I will be speaking with them again in a few days, and I would really appreciate (anonymously if necessary) if people could let me know if they are on tariffs that vary much from 37-39ppl. BTW, I'm in Southwest Scotland.

I am hugely suspicious of this move and feel I have been duped by Calor.




  • markwickens
    A follow-up post to my previous.

    Well, having again spoken to Calor - someone apparently higher up the food chain the CS Rep in Grangemouth, it has been confirmed that Calor have abolished their Discounted Tariff structure NATIONALLY. As contracts that are currently on the Discounted Tariff expire, customers will automatically be shunted to the Standard Domestic Tariff - so if you are a domestic bulk customer on a Discounted Tariff, expect a stonking price increase when you renew with Calor (although I am still interested in people that avoid this price increase......).

    The only light at the end of the tunnel appears to be a slight easing of the contract cancellation period to 30 days. However, I have yet to confirm how this period works (ie, is it 30 days from the price increase notification date, 30 days from the price increase date, or can I choose when the 30 days start etc etc).

    I will post a follow up on Thursday when I obtain further clarification of the contract cancellation period and how it can be used. Looks like I'll be off to LPG Solutions to find a new supplier once the CC report on de-regulation is published.


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