Legality of Council Threat

Hi, Any advice, would be gratefully appreciated.

I recieved a letter from my local council and sheriffs officers in March 08, threating me with legal action, over unpaid Poll Tax from years 89/90, which I have disputed. I spoke to them at the time and they put a hold on it.
It's upto an individual to provide evidence, in support of any dispute. I believe I was a student at that time, and am in the process of speaking to the college I attended. (Granted, I could have dealt with it a little bit quicker, but...)
So I am dealing with this part of my problem.

I have now recieved another letter from my local council with reference to the above, but, this time, they are not only threatining me that the Poll Tax be paid in full in 7 days, but also the full amounts of my Community Charge(Council Tax) and my Business rates. I am seething!!!
I have been a home owner for 14 years, and I have NEVER been late or in arrears with my CT.
I have been a Business owner for 5 years, renting my premises from the council, and as above, never had a late payment, for rent or rates.

This is a point of principal. Legally, how can they threaten me with services I have yet to receive. The letters were also addressed to me and my partner, as the CT is a joint liability. The more recent letter's last paragraph stated, "this could seriously affect your credit rating".
So, there is 1 debt, and 2 (still to receive) services on this threatning letter. And only 1 of these has anything to do with my partner. He's not a happy chappy.

I spoke to the council, very nice seniour manager, who told me this is a new-ish decision, with regards to putting other "debts??" into the "pot" (so to speak). When I demanded to know how " how I can be threatened with a service I pay in advance for", he explained (my words:-) the underhandness, of the council, in that, our CT, used to due at the end of a month, so you were paying for CT in advance, it's been moved to the 1st of a month, so now you pay for the month passed.

If I do owe the Poll Tax, then fair enough.
But to threaten my Business and Partner, with essentially "my debt??" from 19 years ago, I feel is grossly unfair.

Loopy :hello: Blether


  • blether_2
    blether_2 Posts: 10 Forumite
    Hi Herbie21
    Thanks for replying. The issue with the poll tax and sheriff officers letter, is'nt necessarily the reason for seeking advice, at the moment I have managed to put that on hold.
    My issue is the legality of the threat from the council, with 2 other services that I have yet to basically receive and have never defaulted on.
    Again, thank you for taking the time to reply.
    Loopy :hello: Blether
  • NickWarren_2
    IMO they are just trying ot scare you into paying up for the alleged CT that you owe them (or not) lol I am guessing it is a generic letter linked to you as apposed to the accounts. maybe they think as you defaulted then that you may do so again, not fair and as far as i'm aware underhand and illegal.
    War does not decide who is right, It decides who is left.
  • blether_2
    blether_2 Posts: 10 Forumite
    Nick, that is exactly what I think. But what can I do??
    Is there anything I can do??
    Surley I can take this further??
    Loopy :hello: Blether
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