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Nerdy Note! Calling in reverse can be cheaper.

I don't mean the horribly expensive 0800 REVERSE, but the fact that bizarrely, calling mobiles from home costs up to 12p/min, but making that call in reverse (from mobile to home) is free if you’ve inclusive minutes or usually still cheaper if not. So make a pact with friends and family that when one of you calls a mobile from home, the other rings you back.

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  • I think that if you call from your landline to your mobile, they still charge you a connection fee - I have done this previously, yet I was getting charged 12p just for connecting the call, even if the phone call wasn't answered!
  • Calling a mobile from a landline can cost up to 27p per minute :eek:
    (3 mobile called from Virgin Media landline, daytime)
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    We have done this for years - we simply give 2 rings on the mobile and then wait for the return call - that way you don't get charged (unless the mobile is switched off or goes straight to voicemail that is). I have my home number withheld and dial 1470 before ringing mobiles which then shows up my number.

    The 'two ring signal', as our family jokingly call it, is something we have practised for many years on home phones too. If we know a member of the family is going to be busy and not answering the phone we give two rings, ring off and then call back - they then know it's a family member and answer the phone!

    I'm an avid one for refusing to ring mobile and 0870/0845 numbers. Like most I get free calls in my internet package and constantly check out to find alternative numbers. It never fails to amaze me how many 0870 numbers have an alternative free phone number to ring! I wish more people would use saynoto0870 to stop these companies making money out of a phone call you make to their number. I tell complete strangers about sayno all the time. A lot of it is laziness when people can't be bothered to look up an alternative number before ringing.


  • I have made an agreement with all family and friends who have inclusive minutes is that if I am phoning them from the landline, I call their mobile and let it ring a couple of rings then hang up before I get connected, then they know to call me back.


  • We do this the other way round. My parents run a business and get some sort of phone package where they can ring mobiles for 10p for an hour so we "prank call" them and they call us back. We're all on payg so it costs much more for us to ring them than them to spend 10p for an hours call. When we get to the end of the hour, we just hang up and they call us back!
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