Car rip off question

Not sure which board to put this in... sorry

My car developed a fault about 2 weeks ago. The low oil indicator kept flashing. I took it to a garage who changed the oil and filter, but the problem persisted.

I then took it to Volkswagen (my car is a Beetle), and they ran a diagnostic and fixed the problem. Cost: £235

A day later, the light started flashing again.

VW now have the car again, and they've just called me and said that the problem isnt what they originally thought (when I paid the £235), that their diagnostic computer gave them 'wrong advice', and that in fact the problem is with the dashboard itself - a 2 day job, at a cost of £493. The guy at the dealership said "well thats what our computer told us", when I asked why they had charged me for fixing the wrong problem.

However, they wont deduct the £235 from the £493.

I know nothing about cars, but surely if I give VW a VW to fix, and they fix something that wasnt broken, and they charge me for it, should that original cost not be deducted from the cost of the repair that they should have done in the first place?

The £235 was hard enough to cough up...let alone another £500.

Does anyone know what the law says??

Thanks, Allan


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