Orchid dialler and XF-1e ADSL filters

Both my parents and I have had a V4 dialler each for over a year and they have been working fine.

I recently changed the microfilter used at both houses for an ADSLNation XF-1e model and we now seem to have problems with the diallers.

If the V4 is unplugged for a couple of minutes and then plugged back in, they used to flash away while trying to call home - this doesn't happen any more.

The time of day settings also seem to have gone to pot - even after following the manual time change procedure at the top of this forum.

When the phone is taken off-hook, the light on the Orchid lights up and it is applying a prefix to calls depending on number dialled.

I spoke to Orchid last week and they kindly sent me instructions to force a manual call home which worked but I'm just wondering if anyone else using this model of microfilter has encountered problems or perhaps it is a coincidence / faulty batch ?


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