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Tesco Mega Reductions Thread 2

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  • Lo-LoLo-Lo Forumite
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    oliveoyl wrote: »
    Chicken Oxo cubes, boxes of 12 cubes are 39p... 20p cheaper than the boxes of 6. Just a normal SEL, no special offer or clearance/reduction notice.

    Tesco Beaumont Leys yesterday, the Asian/Polish/World Foods aisle has Tahira Vegetable Stock Cubes box of 10 for 14p, bargain!
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  • Mr T's have
    Tresemme Thermal Recoveryshampoo 900ml

    halfprice.gifHALF PRICE Was £4.92 Now £2.46 - valid from 13/08/2008 until 09/09/2008

    didnt have to many left in my local last night, sorry if already been posted!!
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  • Most other Tresemme varieties were also £6 for 2 x 900ml bottles the other day, so either deal is a good deal. I grabbed a couple, should last me months! :smiley:

  • imhoimho Forumite
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    What happened to the buy one get one free ? Every where is selling buy 2 for £6 .
    But its still worth it to me as i like it on my hair .
    I prefer Aussie but use that when i am on holidays
  • The two for £6.00 has finished now its just the thermals, blonde and brunette collections that have gone to half price, and suppose if you buy both shampoo and conditioner it is really same as bogof free so no loss there :confused:
    Slimming world weight loss challenge 5st, weight loss so far 28 lb WOOOHOOO :j

    :money: :money: This man is a ledgend!!! :T
  • mhemhe Forumite
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    If you have a home bargains near you you can get a shampoo and conditioner in a box together for £3.49 both 500ml size i think. Had thermal, blond and brunette.
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  • still lots of very cheap supercook stuff in our local Mr T , now including gelatine down to 29p with long dates.

    noticed also in the baking aisle, mt T own victoria sponge kit and chocolate sponge kit now 32p and 34p respectively. Next nearest is £1.70.
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  • timbo86timbo86 Forumite
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    Ok im going to share my secrets if you want to fill up your freezer best time is saturday nights around half 8ish loads to be had got a whole carry bag of shopping for £1.67 couldn't get anymore as i was walking and had a brolly in me other hand,

    Gales lemon curd 20p
    Crispy potatoes 1.50p - 15p
    Tesco finest brie and onion filo parcels 3.29p - 30p
    2 chicken breasts in garlic mushrooms 2.99p - 30p
    6 bisto yorkshire puddings 1.40p - 14p
    whitworths icing sugar 55p

    could of got so much more if i was not walking
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  • septemberbluesseptemberblues Forumite
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    Yesterday I bought Hovis White Bread Mix 495g (just add water) for 29p! They weren't on offer or anything but were with the cake mixes/flour/bread mixes. They make a proper sized loaf (in breadmaker or not), there was also brown bread mix, the sellby date is May 2009. I decided to look at prices of things to see if there were any "hidden bargains", I also got Dr Oetker silver balls ;)for 9p, jelly diamonds 12p. Also hidden away is Organic cornflakes, 84p, 500g. They were cheaper than the Tesco own brand (90p) and Kelloggs Cornflakes. Not quite as nice as Kelloggs but I don't care :p ,I'm bargain hunting!
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  • AMMat158AMMat158 Forumite
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    I bought jars of Tesco Chinese stem ginger in syrup 410g for 73p today
    Bacofoil 3m turkey foil 600mm wide for 20p
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