Nerdy Note! What the Govt spends your money on?

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  • It would be interesting to see a variation on this, ie, most money spent for least value to the taxpayer. A bit difficult to work out but I reckon MPs
    expenses would be near the top if not at it.
  • I agree. Pensions are only paying back what working people have paid in through their pension plans and taxes, so it's obviously not the bulk of the spend. For years, generations of lazy people have used the welfare state, designed to be a short-term "safety net", as a way of life which, from my 10 years+ experience of dealings with these people, can be a very comfortable way of life. There are, in fact, very few people who are incapable of doing any work at all, (and these people DO deserve our support), but - let's face it - we are all being bled dry by the rest. This country needs to decide where it's priorities lie - are they going to keep increasing the tax burden on working people, breeding resentment and anger or will one day, another government turn off the tap to the lazy people? I think the former. That's why I'm emingrating to Australia.
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