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ASDA NESCAFE 500gm tin £6.84

Spotted this on my supermarket. ASDA have rolled back their 500gm tin of NESCAFE to an incredible £6.84. Not sure how long this offer is on for so be quick. Rang our local Asda at 9pm and the lovely customer service lady saved me several tins [grumpy grandad will only drink nescafe so buying a cheaper coffe is just a waste as it sits in the cupboard]. We got there about 9.45pm and as the store was quiet I had a good look round. ASDA 1cup teabags 400 pack have also been rolled back to £2.97 saving a £1 so got a few of those as well.


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    thanks for this nannaC, however i have an order booked for tomorrow and asda wont let me add or change it on the web, i need bread and sugar which i forgot. dam!!!!
    IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!!!:j:money:
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