Best Place To Buy A Monocular?

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I need to buy a monocular, but am really clueless as where to start. Any ideas please? Amazon do them, but I'm unsure about what half of the things on the description mean.


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    What do you need it for? There are things used by archers or target shooters called "spotting scopes" - used to see if the arrow/bullet has reached the target, to help them adjust their next shot. Not sure where you'd get them from but I'd guess a specialist sports shop.
  • I need it because I have poor vision and it would help me when catching buses or the train.
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    Do you mean a monocle?

    Like glasses but only for one eye?

    Why not just go to the opticians and have your eyes tested and wear glasses?
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  • No. I mean a monocular. I do wear glasses, but they don't help at all when trying to catch buses.
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    Depending on why you've got 'poor eysight' you may be able to get a monocular free on the NHS. You would need a referral to your Low Vision Clinic. I would recommend you contact your local 'Society for Visual Impairment' - look up the area on this website

    They should be able to give you more detailed advice on what support you can get in your area.

    Monoculars come in different strengths and there are techniques to learn to be able to use if effectively. It will benefit you to speak to a Rehab Officer for Visual Impairment to get the support you need.

    In my area, if people can't (or don't want) to get a magnifier from the Low Vision Clinic, then the Rehab Officer can get them from a specialist supplier - and much cheaper as he's not trying to make any profit (and may be able to get them VAT free)!
    Again, your local Nalsvi organisation should be able to tell you how to contact the Rehab Officer - you might also get other useful information.

    If you need more detailed info, you can pm me.
    Shirley (I work for one of the charities that belong to Nalsvi)
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    My nephew got one recently via the route leylie is suggesting. The charity (I can't remember which one it was) that he was referred to brought lots of gadgets and things round for him to try, and he kept the ones that were most useful. The monocular he chose is really small but powerful, and it makes a huge difference to him.
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  • My OH got his monocular from a little independent camera shop near us. I'd think anywhere that does cameras/telescopes/binoculars might be worth a try.
  • I did go to the low vision clinic last year, but they said they can't do/give me anything.
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    Please try and talk to the Visual Impairment Rehab Officer first - he/she might have one that you can borrow and try - if it works - great, at least you know it will be money well spent.
    It might be that it's not suitable for your eyesight problem - in which case you've saved your money - and hopefully the Rehab Officer can help with alternative ideas.

    If you don't get any joy down this route - some of the Rehab officers have lengthy waiting lists - and you want to risk spending the money, then one of the companies we deal with is IC
    This should be the link to correct page - the monoculars are quite a way down, but there is a useful guide to how to use them too!

    If you are Registered as Partially Sighted/Severely Sight Impaired then you may be able to get it VAT free
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