This board, how it works and expected conduct

The freebies board was set up to allow people to alert other site members to a "freebie". This is defined as a no cost item (be it a sample, an online download or other) and for the most part this is a friendly and happy place.

However, there has recently been a lot of bickering between members about this board and i'd like to take a moment to clear a few things up for all parties.


Sometimes people post duplicate freebies. This isn't the end of the world (it's really not) but we understand that it can be frustrating when the same offers come up and "clog" the page up. This isn't always intentional on the part of the user. Sometimes they haven't done a search (i will come onto that in a minute), sometimes they have searched and it the search terms haven't shown any other such offers and sometimes they have simply posted it straight up.

It DOESN'T help when people shout / scream / complain / rant at them and on their threads for duplicate posting. In most cases, the Board Guides on here will do an excellent job in keeping everything tidy and a lot of people will use the PM system to the Board Guides to drop them a line and let them know if they spot a duplication. If you notice someone consistently posting duplicates, please do email the abuse team on [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL] and ask us to look into it. Often, a quiet word from us is all it takes.

We do have a search and we encourage every user to make this their first port of call before posting a freebie. It's just up there in the top right, just under the masthead. Put your search term in, click the option to forum and do a search and see if you can find anything already posted. It doesn't take long and there are no prizes for getting your post up first.

We are mostly adults here and recently users are arguing over duplicate posts to the extent where they are falling out with people. It's really not necessary and helps no-one, least of all the board and it just serves to make everyone's life a little bit more unpleasant.

What I will say is this: anyone who make snide comments, is verbally abusive and a consistent disruption to this forum is in very real danger of having their posting privileges removed. People will make mistakes, and we have to educate not alienate. There is no harm is simply asking if someone is aware of the search..but if you have a real issue with misuse of the us. That's it. We are here to sort this out and arguing on threads helps none of us

So let's draw a line under this and start again. Remember why this board exists, remember not everyone is exempt from making a mistake and remember that we are all here for the same reason - to get some nice freebies and keeping our money very much in our pockets/piggy banks/mattress/garden Gnome (the last one may just be me though)

Be aware that we will be taking a firmer line on here though and we won't hesitate to take action if things do not calm down.


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    lorweldlorweld Forumite
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    Hi all I've updated the guide to the freebies board.

    Firstly, welcome to all newbies. :j Have a look here for some useful info about using the chat forums in general. Also look at Sra's unofficial A-Z guide on "how to" use

    Please come and join the chat thread and introduce yourself. Any questions you might have concerning the Freebies board please post it in here We're all a friendly bunch and I'm sure there will be plenty of people on hand to help you out. Remember no question is stupid we were all new once! Heres the link to the chat thread

    Want to post a new Freebie?

    First, check whether it has already been posted by using the sites search facility here.

    The most successful way of searching is to copy and paste the url (web address) into the search box (top right of this page) make sure you change the search to "Forums". Or each board has its own search button on the top right corner marked Search this Forum.

    You can do an advanced search by hitting the search button in between the New Posts and Quick Links on the main toolbar bit. Click on advanced search; it'll take you to a search screen. Once again paste the url/search query into the search box and this time scroll down the right hand side to find Freebies (no spend required)

    If 'Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.' comes up congratulations you've found a freebie that hasn't been posted before:T You can post this new freebie by clicking on New Thread and putting the details of your freebie in it.

    If a freebie is put on the board that has being duplicated please reply with:

    Thanks for the post but this has been posted before (insert the link to where it was posted). Duplicated posts can clog up the freebies board. Please take a look at the sticky on ways to search. Thank you.

    Then please send a merge request to a BG using pm, click on the Board Guide's name, and send them a pm. In the pm provide links to where the original and duplicated posts are and please don't bump up the old thread as when the Board Guide merges the threads this will bump the thread up. Have a read of this thread by MSE Andrea regarding bumping.

    Often duplicate threads are posted on Freebies and while we welcome everyone's input, to help the board run smoothly duplicate threads are merged as per this rule here. Please don't be put off posting should you find your thread has been merged as this usually indicates its a good freebie :D

    Important note
    Some freebies are aimed at specific groups/people eg companies, schools, home educators etc, so please only apply for freebies that you are entitled to. See Andreas post here.

    Not Sure Where to Post Your Find?

    If a freebie requires a low spend ie a text, phone call, SAE, or p&p to be paid, please post it on our new sub-board The Freebies low spend board








    ANY REFERRAL LINKS HERE Any referral links posted on this board will be deleted in line with the site rules

    Offensive posts/ spam

    If you see a spam thread or post please reply with spam reported. This will avoid the spam being bumped back up with other replies to the spam thread.


    Please report any abusive/illegal/offensive material to [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL]. This includes communications both on the public forum and in personal messages (pm’s).

    Any reports MUST go through the [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL] e-mail address. Reporting a post using the warning triangle in each one goes through this address as does clicking on the link in the orange bar at the top of the forum. Do NOT report to Board Guides. This does not count as being reported.

    DO NOT reply on a thread. ONLY report it to the Forum Team and let them deal with it.

    Please bear in mind the forum operates on a report a post system. The Forum Team does not read all posts. Action can only be taken on posts reported using the above methods.

    Finally have fun, be nice to each other! And happy freebie hunting:beer:

    (If anyone thinks I've left some information out please let me know and I'll add it in Thanks)
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