how did you end up in debt?



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    Ahhh bless you, I am chuffed because I have never had a thread that so many people have contributed to. Feel like I am a proper member of the MSE family now.

    It is great that so many people have been able to comment, the honesty, support and encouragement really is stunning. Especially when you think we might pass each other in the street and not know!!

    Dont forget to join in the chat threads as well if you fancy them - we have an brilliant Night Owls one for everyone who cant sleep! and a Long Haul one for those who are going to be around for a fair few years and usually have a party thread over the weekends. Its really quiet tonight so the more the merrier!

    x x x
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    NW-ANGEL wrote: »
    IKKLE you have seriously just choked me x sincerely - well done you - you sound so positive too after what you've been through. dont think there are many on here that will judge! very minority, have to say i've not experienced any yet! all positive!
    kel x

    Yeah there are very few on this site that judge, and the odd trolls that do don't really bother me. I meant more people in the world outside of here like curtain twitchers who tell the whole street that bailiffs called at number 4 yesterday kinda thing. Thank you for your kind words.
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    I have been in debt, back out of debt and in it again!! This time round, it's because of my business which is going through a rough patch at the moment. I have a gift shop which is in a bit of a run down area and not very busy just now. It will come full circle, but with better planning and preperation I will not be in this situation again. I have everything in place now to get my debt organised and believe me, when I am out of this, I ain't going back. It will make things a bit easier to have you all to chat to, I am quite excited at the prospect of being debt free again!! It's a nightmare thinking about money (or lack of it) all the time but it is a comfort to know that I am not alone. Credit cards and loans are the scourge of the earth, I will not touch them with a barge pole when I am rid of them this time.
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    Only ever thinking about if I could afford the minimum payment, and not looking at whether I could afford the debt or all of our bills combined.
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  • nekosuki
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    LouiseJ wrote: »
    That sounds stupid doesnt it but I cant remember one single thing that I bought using the CC of any importance or value....

    Pesky credit cards:rolleyes:

    That's so true for me too!!! And agreed... pesky credit cards indeed. :mad:
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  • rubydoiwannabee
    pesky HUUUGGGEEE overdraft limit and CR cards in my case, we fell into the habit of doing ok if we stayed within the OD limit.....

    Happy Sunday to all.
    The good you do comes back to you.
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    Hi I got into debt when I was 18 and thought it was great that I could get 'free money'. My dad paid it for me then I stupidy racked up even more as I got a sales job where they encouraged you to get into debt as they thought you'd be 'hungry' for that next sale. However, I really didn't do as well as they said I would so I went into temping and my Dad again paid my cards off for me. I'm ashamed to say that I went on to rack them up again as I didn't think to cancel them when they were paid and in fact took out more. I'm now 25k in debt and can't tell my dad as he'd be so ashamed of me.
    I'm currently in a job I hate and know that if I didn't have these debts to pay, I could leave and go part-time while I studied for a degree to get a better paid job, but just can't. That's now my main focus.
    These debts were racked up by trying to 'buy' popularity by footing the bill for meals out, buying clothes I can't even fit into and am ebaying, making a huge loss. My OH was also out at the pub a lot and I spent loads buying DVDs and books that I thought he would like in the hope that he would stay in rather than go out. Money was spent on eating out and buying lots of groceries (most of which had to be thrown out) as my OH was on commission only and didn't have any money to contribute at all. I also bought furniture for the house as well as electronics - our house looks like a junk shop and I'm doing my utmost to get rid via ebay and charity shops etc.
    We still live with my parents and just wish I hadn't been so stupid. I am paying off chunks at a time but the end feels like it'll never be here.
    I'm due to inherit quite a bit of money and I would love to feel I can be trusted with money as I don't want to waste it and don't want it to be spent paying my debt off
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    I started at uni and it just carried on from there and I have consolidated three times now I think.

    I have always used the 0% deals on CC just because they are there. I spend to feel better. to feel sorted? secure?

    good thread

    Nevertheless she persisted.
  • Mozette
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    How did I get into debt?

    By being stupid...
  • indebtstudent
    I got into debt by trusting my ex OH to use my credit cards etc responsibly, he didnt we split up, and cos it was all in my name, its all my debt, 16k of it!!!!!

    Id like to have it all paid by next year, but i dont think that will be possible
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