Archna's Free Game of the Week: The World's Hardest Game?

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Archna's Free Game of the Week: The World's Hardest Game?

edited 9 February 2016 at 9:37AM in Freebies (no spend required)
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MSE_ArchnaMSE_Archna Senior Researcher
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MSE Staff MSE Staff
edited 9 February 2016 at 9:37AM in Freebies (no spend required)
This one's a cracker in my opinion. Very irritating and highly addictive! I have to say I struggled getting past level 1!

Link to the game: The World's Hardest Game?

Do you want to share you game with other MoneySavers? If you want your game in the Moneysaving tip email [EMAIL="freegame@moneysavingexpert.com"][email protected][/EMAIL]

P.S. Thanks to Joe for this top suggestion!

Note from Martin: Why it's Archna's Free Game of the Week

You'll notice that it's Archna's free game of the week, much like it's Andrea's Freebies. MSE Archna is a stalwart of the team, and in charge of making sure everything's organised, sorted, collated, checked, researched and generally spiffing in the e-mail - as well as being a seriously good researcher.

Sadly though, I noticed that occasionally she loses focus and catch her playing the games that we put at the end of the e-mail. She persuaded me this was part of her 'testing work' - so now it's an official part of her job. She gets to choose the games each week! Blame her if they're no good (and as for why her name's in pink.... I'm really not sure!)



  • emsywoo123emsywoo123
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    I. Cannot. Do. This. Game.
  • MSE_ArchnaMSE_Archna Senior Researcher
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    MSE Staff MSE Staff
    So glad it's not just me then!
  • monkey6889monkey6889
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    10 Posts
    i only managed to do the first one but i did die 8 times lol
  • Level 15, 701 deaths.

    now i'm going to go smash my skull in with small red blocks (and blue circles)

    All hail the yellow dot.
  • I died 14 times by the time I made it to level 6 and then died another 10 times just on that level. It caught me out the first time by making the red square move more slowly than all the other levels.

    That wasn't irritating though... it was the music. On level 8 I decided that I had had enough of the music and was looking for a way to shut it off without turning the volume down for my whole computer. I clicked the "menu" button thinking it was a menu but it was more like a link and it took me out of the game entirely. I had to start at level 1 again.

    Now that is irritating.

    Level 8 looks like it will actually be difficult. I had been studying it for several minutes without finding a way through it at all. there must be one if mikeyrivered has made it up to level 17. How many levels are there all up ?
  • died twice but got through the first level, took one try at the second and ran away
    Nonny mouse and Proud!!
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  • joegwjoegw
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    Wow this is tough!! Level 14 - 353 deaths
    :) Thanks to all who post comps! :)
  • I thought i was doing well till i read a previous post:
    My stats:
    Level 8 - 129 deaths

    and now i'm going to bed and if i dream one ball ball or a small red bricks, i'm gonna spam the inbox of it's creator.

    :T Wins so far 2015: :T
    £15 Beefeater Vouchers
  • PrinceGazPrinceGaz
    139 posts
    I gave up before completing the first level, but may I say two words and ask if anyone else here knows what I mean... "Highway Encounter".
  • I got to level 7 before giving up

    Found this video of someone completing all the levels on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wV3m_5v5vWA
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