Craigtoun Park-anyone been recently?

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I have this on my list of possible things to do with the kids in the holidays, but it's 20+ years since I was there!!

Can anyone who's been there more recently than me tell me what there is in the park these days?



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    Was there a couple of years ago, and it's the same as I remember it, except it seems a bit smaller now!! :rotfl:

    great day out with a picnic for kids, the wee train was still there, and the boating pond too.:D
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    Wow, that takes me back!
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    Same for us not been for 2 years now. Still got the trampolines , boating crazy golf thing or was it putting. Childrens play area, train and cafe. Not sure if there is a website or not. good day out as there is plenty of space for kids and you can take your picnic with you. forgot the bouncy castle and the greenhouse plant area. Still pay to get in and activities free thereafter
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  • The place hasnt changed at all over the years but it does make a great day out (if you get the weather for it) we had loads os fun trying to get round the pond in the boats ha ha.
    Kids loved the train & bouncy castle too, and we took some balls/ frisbies as well as a picnic

    Enjoy! :)
  • I was at craigtoun park few months back and yes it has changed a bit, they have removed the old wooden play area up the back of the park and the bit where the trampolines and bouncy castle was has all been redone alot better.
    The park beside them has been redone also, my kids loved it has alot more for them to do
    all in all they have given a nice little facelift although i think they should of kept the wooden play area as it was really popular with all the kids.
  • oh....i was there a few weeks ago. Never been before so cant compare but it was alright. We couldnt find it actually so were quite late going in so didnt have to pay :) however, did mean we didnt get on the boats. Did have a wee shot of the train and the park area and on nice day...would be a lovely place to go.
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