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Pet insurance with dental cover
Closed Thread
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# 1
Old 26-05-2008, 2:08 PM
MoneySaving Convert
Join Date: Aug 2007
Posts: 116
Default Pet insurance with dental cover

Could anyone recommend a dog insurance policy which includes dental cover? Having real trouble finding one, yet I read an article on a pet website which recommended that all pet owners make sure that they're covered for it.

Many thanks.

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# 2
Old 29-05-2008, 9:18 AM
MoneySaving Convert
Join Date: Oct 2005
Posts: 41

Depends what you mean by dental cover? If you mean for the costs of general cleaning when it's needed, no insurance will cover that.

However, there are a number of policies that will cover dental emergency work (i.e. fractured tooth or one that's half knocked out & needs removing, for example) provided you've kept your annual health/dental checks with your vet up to date and preventative treatment (i.e brushing, dental diets etc) have been used.

much cheaper in the long run for people to look after their pets teeth. It's always horrible treating pets with dental related kidney failure & putting them through a risky anaesthetic when it could have been easily prevented years before!
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# 3
Old 02-06-2008, 6:59 PM
Serious MoneySaving Fan
Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: South Wales
Posts: 1,206

we've got E&L gold cover which is up to 2k for dental work - Floyd had to have 1500 worth of work on a root canal filling - they STILL haven't paid up after 5 weeks and I'm getting sick of ringing them every day .... so avoid E&L!!
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# 4
Old 02-06-2008, 7:05 PM
Fantastically Fervent MoneySaving Super Fan
Join Date: Oct 2006
Location: essex
Posts: 3,857

e&l are one of the worst insurers ever there are so many bad reports about them, we used to be with them too until we had loads of problems with them, keep at it though cause they will pay eventually although it took us over 5 months for a first payment, be careful as well as a few insurers are underwritten by e & l so read who they are underwrtitten by
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# 5
Old 05-06-2008, 7:57 PM
Serious MoneySaving Fan
Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: South Wales
Posts: 1,206

I've been promised that the cheque was posted on Tuesday.... have drafted a letter to the Chief Exec which I'll post once I get my cheque. It is annoying that they drag out these claims when they fully intend to pay... grrr
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# 6
Old 24-07-2008, 11:09 PM
MoneySaving Newbie
Join Date: Jul 2008
Posts: 2

Most insurers now seem to only cover dental treatment for accident. I am with Halifax at the moment and my policy covers dental treatment if it is illness, not cosmetic, BUT only after you have had your policy with them for 2 years! Which I think most now say this. Unfortunately my dog has gum disease and my insurance falls 1week short of being with them (1day on the operation day) so I cannot claim from them, so just make sure whoever you go with you read the small print and know what your exact policy will cover before taking it up.

Hope this might be of some help.
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# 7
Old 11-01-2010, 9:44 AM
MoneySaving Newbie
Join Date: Jan 2010
Posts: 3

After many months of 'lurking' this thread finally made me get round to signing up.

For info - Tesco don't insure for any dental related issue either.
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# 8
Old 11-01-2010, 10:12 AM
Serious MoneySaving Fan
Join Date: Apr 2006
Posts: 1,894

both AXA and Petplan have paid for teeth removal in the past - my dentist worded the claim stating that the problems were dental lesions which could lead to further disease i.e. not routine dental work, not emergency work - and not cuased through neglect.

dental cover, or paying out for dental work can be a very grey area.
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# 9
Old 01-02-2010, 4:05 PM
MoneySaving Convert
Join Date: Jan 2006
Posts: 166

Argos platinum underwritten by BDML Connect Ltd also only covers dental work as result of accident
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