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DSM Media - help! Have I fallen for their scam again?
Closed Thread
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# 1
Old 07-12-2007, 9:45 PM
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Default DSM Media - help! Have I fallen for their scam again?


Has anyone heared of DSM-media? They get businesses to advertise in local resteraunt menu guides?

They have recently been to see us and taken an order from us for adverts in a local resteraunt menus. We were cold called and the advisor said we were under no obligation, did not have to decide before the rep had left and would have no deposit to part with imediately.

However when the rep did arrive he pushed us to take a deposit and said they would be asking for full payment at publication (2 months, so about now Dec 07). He said he was not coming back to the area and had to fill the last space, yet he had 1 more to see so this was our chance to grab it before they did. All the usual tricks to pressurise us into buying there and then.

My husband and I repeatedly informed the rep that we did not have such funds in the bank and we were told we were not under obligation to decide there and then. Yet this fell on deaf ears.

My husband reluctantly completed a cheque as the rep didnt appear to be in a hurry to leave and was pushing for business offering free meal vouchers and discounts. The only way we could get rid was to hand over the deposit cheque. Where imediately the rep clammed up, signed a copy of the contract agreement and wrapped up the deal leaving sharply.

As we have had a similar scam happen to us about 5 years ago allarm bells were ringing from the off, especially when I discovered they had a lancashire address - I have noted most scams do!

So I told my husband to cancel the cheque with imediate effect, he telephoned the bank and they did this as he spoke. He also called into our local branch to make sure they knew. Which they did.

I sent an email and a paper copy to the company and my husband called the company after he had cancelled the cheque to inform them we had just looked at our business account and due to financial difficulties we had retracted our agreement and cancelled the cheque.

However we received a phonecall from the rep himself half an hour later to say that the contract was legally binding so we would have to pay. Plus he said that the Direct Debit instructions had already been set up with our bank. We didnt give any account details to set up a direct debit, yet our accound does have a direct debit now on it. Which I have cancelled and informed the bank, (who coincidentally are currently chargng me 30 a month for its return unpaid).

We have not had any 'cooling off period' and how someone can bank and cash a cheque within 10 minutes of leaving our appointment when the bank is 30 minutes away, or set up a direct debit with no authority I do not understand.

However I do recall the last time we did this we stumped up the money after many demands and nasty phonecalls. I even reported them to trading standards but companies house said they had no bad report on them. Nor did we get our brochure, advert or meal vouchers needless to add!

I have a suspicion its a simlar scam. After them threatening us for payment and saying they will help us out by giving us 1 year instead of the 2 they require, plus the fact they keep pushing for advert aproval, of which I have returned already.
I am also concerned as the full charge for the 1 year would have been 250 yet they keep trying to take (via direct debit) 230 a month (maybe thats cos they keep applying and it keeps bouncing rather than them actually chargng 230 each month??).

What can we do if we refuse to pay will they go away or will we get a demand from debt collectors? :confused:
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# 2
Old 08-12-2007, 12:39 PM
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The way the rep has sold you this advert is standard practice by many advertising companies. They will tell you anything to get you to sign on the dotted line inc they only have 1 space left, offering you exculsivity, won't be in the area again, special discount if you sign now etc etc.

You also probably signed a Direct Debit or Standing Order mandate and your bank details will be filled in from the cheque that you supplied them.

As this is a B2B transaction you have no statuory right to a cooling off period and from everything you have said, I can't find any reason to claim misrepresentation.

Unfortunately you have signed the contract and are legally bound and from your post I can't see any form of misrepresentaion only sales buff.

In my opinion I would make as much noise as possible about cancelling this contract, keep on & on at them, get trading standards to contact them, find out the Directors home addresses and contact them directly and also keep in contact with the restaurant where you advert should appear. If you are lucky they will get fed up of you and cancel the contract, if not then you will still remain liable for the cost if they produce your advert.

I worked within this industry for many years
Good Luck

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# 3
Old 14-12-2007, 2:29 PM
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Looks like you might not be alone
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# 4
Old 27-04-2008, 9:18 PM
MoneySaving Newbie
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Default DSM Media--Scammers

I am really sorry that others have had the same problem with these cowboys.
My experience of parting with money for alleged menus that didnt appear is very sad. They offer no communication just bully boy tactics and all promises are not met.
The worst part of this is that our little community restaurant is losing business and implicated with these cowboys.
IF thinking of using these guys for your restaurant or advertising --please DONT....other option is throw money down the drain...same result of cost, no business and no comeback or help

thanks for your time and if anybody has any advice on DSM please let me know
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# 5
Old 27-04-2010, 4:57 PM
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carefull all......just had a phone call from bloke from "limestone associates" about advertising on a leaflet for local playgroup.
Said no.
looked on web for limestone associates,guess where they are base .prestron lancs.
further search, other company DSM
Be aware.
The B#*....s
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# 6
Old 27-04-2010, 6:02 PM
MoneySaving Stalwart
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These people are obviously sharks and not worth dealing with - but why sign a contract and a DD instruction? Why enter into a legally binding agreement when you don't need to - just tell him you aren't interested and ask him to leave.

Cancel the DD and let them take legal action if they think it's legally binding, I can't imagine that they actually will though.
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