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Windowless bathroom
Closed Thread
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# 1
Old 31-10-2007, 12:25 PM
MoneySaving Convert
Join Date: Feb 2006
Posts: 199
Default Windowless bathroom

Hi folks

We're shortly due to move into a new build house that has a windowless bathroom. This is not the forum to debate the stupidiness of such thing!

However, I'm concerned about steam and condensation building up leading to dampness. Is there anything I can do to alleviate such horror? The bathroom is fitted with a ventilator but in the real world, I suspect this won't do much.

So, apart from leaving the door ajar - are there any tips to prevent condensation? The room is fully tiled.


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# 2
Old 31-10-2007, 12:48 PM
Fantastically Fervent MoneySaving Super Fan
Join Date: Sep 2006
Posts: 4,175

I'm in a similar situation - the bathroom in our fairly new house does not have a window. Condensation isn't a problem for us. We have an extractor fan that comes on when the light is switched on and stayes on for a short time after the light is switched off.

Also, we usually leave the door open when the bathroom is not in use. The bathroom is well heated so any condensation that isn't removed by the fan is quickly evaporated.

I sometimes find that the windows upstairs get a bit of condensation building up on them so we open the windows every so often. I find our house is pretty tightly sealed so its probably a good idea to do this anyway to keep the air fresh.
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# 3
Old 31-10-2007, 12:55 PM
Fantastically Fervent MoneySaving Super Fan
Join Date: Aug 2004
Posts: 7,468

If you do a search you will find a recent thread about this very subject.

I've lived in 2 houses with no window in the bathroom & the built in ventilation systems were more than effective in extracting the steam & minimising condensation.
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# 4
Old 31-10-2007, 1:09 PM
Deliciously Dedicated Diehard MoneySaving Devotee
Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: our house, in the middle of our street
Posts: 12,595

My shower has an extractor fan in the ceiling above it, which is vented through the loft and there is a grill in the eves of the house. It gets rid of the steam well. There's a mirror on the wall opposite which never gets any steam on it!
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# 5
Old 31-10-2007, 1:40 PM
MoneySaving Convert
Join Date: Feb 2006
Posts: 199

Here's the thread Cattie reffered to:

Thanks to all!
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# 6
Old 31-10-2007, 3:00 PM
Serious MoneySaving Fan
Join Date: Sep 2005
Location: Cheshire
Posts: 1,275

DS1's bedroom has a windowless ensuite - this also has an extracror fan that comes on with the light and stays on for a little while after.

We have lived here for nearly 7 years and we have never had a problem regarding condensation etc.

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# 7
Old 31-10-2007, 6:02 PM
Deliciously Dedicated Diehard MoneySaving Devotee
Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: bolton le moors
Posts: 40,861

there are rules and regs for this sort of thing. the designers will/should have worked out the solution. the extractor/airvent system should be more than enough to stop any condensation problems.
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# 8
Old 31-10-2007, 7:07 PM
MoneySaving Stalwart
Join Date: Sep 2004
Posts: 291

The fan should have an overun setting where it runs for up to 15 minutes after the lights are turned off. You may be able to extend the time it is set for if you need it.
If you're really worried or have problems you can get extractor fans that have humidity controls so they come on when the humidity goes above a set level. Some also have trickle settings so they make almost no noise.

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# 9
Old 31-10-2007, 8:22 PM
MoneySaving Convert
Join Date: Feb 2006
Posts: 199

Brilliant - thanks to you all. I'm a bit more assured now. At the decision-making stage of whether to buy the house or not, I was concerned about the lack of window. But as you know, some compromises are necessary and the rest of the house is great. I tried to think of a hotel I have stayed in which had no windows in the bathrooms (not many do) and suffered from damp - I couldn't think of any and have actually liked the bathrooms is they were finished nicely.

If we do suffer from a problem, will look at the humidifier version as suggested by Keldin!
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Closed Thread


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