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    We Are Decking the Halls with NSDs December Challenge
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    • 27th Nov 12, 7:17 AM
    We Are Decking the Halls with NSDs December Challenge 27th Nov 12 at 7:17 AM
    Welcome to the December No Spend Day (NSD) thread!!

    We are a happy (and some might say mildly insane) bunch doing battle with those retailers - and theres plenty of temptation out there at the moment. We are seriously committed to saving money, but nobody said it can't be done with a smile on your face - so we organise riotous nights out and gatecrash any function going - all without leaving the comfort of our own imaginations or armchairs!

    On a slightly more serious note, we are here to help each other avoid spending for the number of days we feel we can manage to try to take back some control over our hard-earned money. What you class as a "spend'" is entirely your choice; some people will try to shop on the days DD/SO etc are paid, whilst others will not include essentials such as rent. Have a look for a post from our sponsor (and godmother of this challenge) BigMummaF, this contains some guidelines and ideas for starting you off on the challenge.

    Its amazing how inventive you get when youre determined NOT to spend - from weird menu ingredients to surprising DIY solutions - but you know what? 99% of the time those wacky ideas work.

    Link to last month's challenge is below so any newcomers can see what we get up to (hmmmmm... on second thoughts, that might put you off...)
    Free by Fifty

    Debt of the Moment -
    August NSD Challenge 14/15
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  • freebyfifty
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    • 27th Nov 12, 7:18 AM
    The Challengers
    • #2
    • 27th Nov 12, 7:18 AM
    1st Target Met 2nd Target Met 3rd Target Met
    Target Exceeded

    The Challengers

    Abundant – 20/19
    Armchair – 13/12
    BDINI – 15/15 Target Reached 2nd Target Reached 20/20 Target Exceeded 20/21
    Beanielou – 11/11 Target Reached 2nd Target Reached 15/15 3rd Target Reached 19/19 Target Exceeded 19/23
    Bigmumma – 20/20 Target Reached 2nd Target Reached 24/24
    Blindtoast – 20/20 Target Reached
    Bottleofred – 15/15 Target Reached Target Exceeded 15/17
    BritAbroad – 10/10 Target Reached Target Exceeded 10/13
    Chris81418 – 19/19 Target Reached 2nd Target Reached 23/23 Target Exceeded 23/25
    Citizenkitten – 20/20 Target Reached
    Coolcats – 15/15 Target Reached Target Exceeded 15/16
    DanielleNic – 15/4
    Debtfree – 12/12 Target Reached
    Donna d – 15/15 Target Reached
    Dragon – 10/10 Target Reached 2nd Target Reached 15/15 3rd Target Reached 20/20 Target Exceeded 20/23
    Emloves – 15/15 Target Reached 2nd Target Reached 18/18
    Evertheoptimist – 10/9
    Fae – 18/18 Target Reached Target Exceeded 18/19
    FallenArcher – 10/4
    Fedup – 20/12
    Flubbery – 15/15 Target Reached Target Exceeded 15/17
    Freeby – 20/20 Target Reached 2nd Target Reached 25/25 3rd Target Reached 28/28 Target Exceeded 28/31
    Giggles86 – 8/8 Target Reached
    Headabove – 10/6
    Hummingbird – 3/3 Target Reached
    Ifwishes – 15/15 Target Reached
    Jamiedodger – 20/20 Target Reached Target Exceeded 20/22
    Kerri – 12/12 Target Reached Target Exceeded 12/14
    Kitschkitty – 15/15 Target Reached 2nd Target Reached 18/18
    Kururunfa - 15/11
    Laura16 – 10/8
    Learning2 – 20/15
    Lemmings – 15/9
    LeoLasagne – 10/7
    Liltdiddy – 20/20 Target Reached 2nd Target Reached 23/23
    Lottie3000 – 10/7
    Loubelle – 12/12 Target Reached Target Exceeded 12/13
    Lurvlyloz – 15/15 Target Reached Target Exceeded 15/17
    Marmite – 20/20 Target Reached Target Exceeded 20/21
    Mcmanlyn – 15/6
    Mimi35 – 20/7
    ModestyB – 12/12 Target Reached Target Exceeded 12/19
    Motoko – 15/15 Target Reached
    Muffin man – 10/10 Target Reached Target Exceeded 10/15
    Muffy - 10/4
    MummyRivett – 10/10 Target Reached Target Increased 20/13
    Mummy172 – 8/8 Target Reached Target Increased 13/10
    Munchin – 8/8 Target Reached
    Nannygladys – 20/17
    Nargle – 12/12 Target Reached
    NinjaKat – 20/
    Nomi01 – 10/7
    Penny73 – 9/8
    Phoenix – 20/14
    P0lly – 20/5
    Poohbear – 15/15 Target Reached Target Exceeded 15/19
    Purple.sarah – 10/6
    Rachel – 10/2
    Ranchyroo – 10/10 Target Reached
    Rising –12/12 Target Reached Target Exceeded 12/17
    Sazzie – 8/8 Target Reached 2nd Target Reached 11/11
    Shannys – 10/10 Target Reached 2nd Target Reached 15/15
    Silvasava – 12/12 Target Reached
    Siouxsie – 20/20 Target Reached Target Exceeded 20/21
    Slowlyfading – 15/15 Target Reached Target Exceeded 15/16
    Spoony – 15/15 Target Reached 2nd Target Reached 20/20 3rd Target Reached 25/25
    Suzitiger – 10/6
    Tomandjerry – 20/13
    VickyV – 15/15 Target Reached Target Exceeded 15/16
    WantToBeSE – 20/12
    Young_un – 15/14
    Last edited by freebyfifty; 02-01-2013 at 6:48 PM.
    Free by Fifty

    Debt of the Moment -
    August NSD Challenge 14/15
  • freebyfifty
    • #3
    • 27th Nov 12, 7:18 AM
    The In-a-Row Challengers
    • #3
    • 27th Nov 12, 7:18 AM
    This is for anyone who wants to set themselves a target for a number of NSDs in a row. We had some impressive numbers on this over the past few months so if anyone would like to have a go at this, I'll add you here

    The In-a-Row Challengers

    Abundant - 7-in-a-row Target Reached

    Armchair - 3-in-a-row

    Choppy - 3-in-a-row

    Chris - 6-in-a-row Target Reached 7-in-a-row

    Citizenkitten - 8-in-a-row Target Reached

    Dragon - 4-in-a-row Target Reached

    Fae - 7-in-a-row Target Reached

    Flubbery - 3-in-a-row Target Reached

    Freeby - 7-in-a-row Target Reached 8-in-a-row 9-in-a-row 10-in-a-row 29-in-a-row

    LeoLasange - 3-in-a-row

    Liltdiddy - 4-in-a-row Target Reached

    Missyv - 4-in-a-row

    ModestyB - 5-in-a-row Target Reachedx2 6-in-a-row

    Muffin Man - 5-in-a-row

    Munchin 3-in-a-row Target Reached

    Penny73 - 3-in-a-row

    Piquant - 3-in-a-row

    Purple.sarah - 4-in-a-row

    Rainbow - 3-in-a-row

    Silvasava - 3-in-a-row Target Reached

    Siouxie - 5-in-a-row

    Stardrops - 3-in-a-row

    VickyV - 3-in-a-row Target Reached 4-in-a-row

    Want_to_be - 6-in-a-row

    Youngun - 4-in-a-row Target Reached 5-in-a-row
    Last edited by freebyfifty; 31-12-2012 at 7:41 AM. Reason: -
    Free by Fifty

    Debt of the Moment -
    August NSD Challenge 14/15
  • freebyfifty
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    • 27th Nov 12, 7:19 AM
    • #4
    • 27th Nov 12, 7:19 AM
    Hi lovely NSD gang
    As you can see there is lots of activity on this challenge at the moment and it's difficult sometimes to see how many NSDs you're all declaring on posts.
    Could I ask you to highlight your number of NSDs in a colour and in bold so that I can see them easily when I whizz through the posts - red would be best but I don't really mind as long as I can see the numbers easily.

    Some helpful suggestions and ideas to follow below from our sponsor and godmother, BigMummaF


    1. Have a good, long think about what YOU want to include in your Spend & Excluded categories.
    Some of us count everything from Direct Debits & school expenses, while others do not include things like essential Bills or emergency medical costs. If you plan what is or is not a Spend for you now, it will help you decide on a realistic Target.
    2. It is NOT a race!
    We all have very different demands on our time & bank balance, so please do not think you have to buy everything on 1st January & make it last till 31st December! A few of us have been following this Challenge for a long...long...LONG time so have developed plans & ploys to help us along the way
    3. Most important of all, WE..DO..NOT..FAIL!
    Sometimes we can't quite reach our Target, but that is fine Everyone knows how Life will try to trip us up, & that is when you will find us here to help you back on to your feet.

    OK, an idea of how some of us do things.
    1. What you will or will not include as a 'Spend'.
    Some people are doing other challenges too, & don't include the money spent on those for this one.
    Some will try to shop for other bits on the days their direct debits etc go out of their bank accounts; they're the real hard core of the bunch & have been l-o-n-g time Nsders so don't panic
    Some won't count those annoying last minute demands from school & collections as you can't plan for them in advance, likewise emergency prescriptions or visits to the vet
    Personally speaking & providing I don't buy anything else, I don't count parking for hospital appointments.(..but then I usually do my shopping because I'm already out )
    General thoughts on bay sales is the buyer has paid P&P so no cost to you
    2. It takes Time to reach mega-numbers!
    The First suggestion is the first, because a bit of planning will work wonders on your road to your Target. Have a look at thefirst posts each month for a hefty list of other threads that may be of help. For example, there's a few giving ideas for packed lunches so you can avoid standing in the queue at the bakers for 45mins of your lunch hour! A good incentive to tweak your healthy eating & the pounds you save will show in your bank balance AND your waistline
    It helps to have various 'money pots' for the different costs that happen like Scouts, dinner money, yoga, window cleaner etc etc. The idea is you "spend" all that money in one hit by....
    let's say **putting the week's bus fares into the pretty coffee jar, Jo's tumble tots [Weds mornings] in the cracked teapot & Ben's 1 coin for the gym locker [Friday lunch] in the pocket of the changing bag, on Tuesdays every week when you've got some change from doing the food shop, so an already spendy day. At least four 'spending days' condensed into one (**mine's jam jars for windows, milkman & a bit towards the bills!)
    3. Any day the money stays in your pocket is a bonus!
    If you look at it as a day you beat the system, you can't help but so don't fret it--ENJOY! If nothing else in here, we do manage find something to make us smile

    We have virtual outings to wonderful places that never cost us a bean New York, Edinburgh & Brighton have been a couple & Spoon usually pilots the Tardis but you can use your own transport; my personal favourite has been a sit-on lawn mower borrowed from the cricket club The only thing to be aware of is Hubert the donkey who is partial to anything remotely edible but is not yet house-trained

    And Remember;
    there are no silly questions, so don't be afraid to ask us anything!
    Free by Fifty

    Debt of the Moment -
    August NSD Challenge 14/15
  • flubberyzing
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    • 27th Nov 12, 7:46 AM
    • #5
    • 27th Nov 12, 7:46 AM
    Ooooh! It's pretty and shiny in here!

    Please sign me up for 15 NSD's! That seems to be about the right number for me... Achievable, but enough of a challenge that I have to organise my spends quite carefully!

    I've never done the "in a row" part of the challenge before... So... Sign me up for 3-in-a-row to start with please!
    Because it's fun to have money!
    Jan GC: 61.90/50, Feb GC: 50.36/60, Mar GC: 40.29/60, Apr GC: Fell off the wagon... Whoops!

  • Purplemumof2
    • #6
    • 27th Nov 12, 7:52 AM
    • #6
    • 27th Nov 12, 7:52 AM
    I'm in again. Please put me down for 10 again.


    Pmo2 x
    Official DFW Nerd Club - Member no. 791 - Proud to be dealing with my debts
    MBNA: Going down nicely BC: Getting bigger Overdraft: 2750.00/2750.00
    20p Savers 2014 2 Savers 2014 50p Savers 2014 SPC 7 2014 #003
  • emslovesmickey
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    • 27th Nov 12, 7:53 AM
    • #7
    • 27th Nov 12, 7:53 AM
    Ooh i want the snowmen!!! Put me down for 15 again please!
  • blindtoast
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    • 27th Nov 12, 7:59 AM
    • #8
    • 27th Nov 12, 7:59 AM
    Nearly Christmas !

    Thanks for the new thread Freeby. I'd like to sign up for 20 NSDs in December - I'm not sure I've ever managed that many but Christmas week should be an easy one as the shops are shut and then I'm at work so no sales shopping for me and I'm trying to be optimistic!! Also I'm hoping for snow which will also hopefully stop me going anywhere to spend - will be too busy building snowmen and throwing snowballs!!

    I am going to a victorian Christmas market on Saturday tho so the month probably won't start with a NSD!
    No more buying books TBR - .
    Books read in 2014 = 25
    2015 target 12/30.
    No more buying DVDs ? 2015 target 14/26
    Sealed pot challenge member #1733
    • chris81418
    • By chris81418 27th Nov 12, 8:12 AM
    • 910 Posts
    • 7,392 Thanks
    • #9
    • 27th Nov 12, 8:12 AM
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    • 27th Nov 12, 8:12 AM
    Hello everyone!

    Thanks for the December thread Freeby, you're an

    I'd like to pledge my usual lucky 19 NSDs and 6 NSDs in-a-row please, thank you!

    Have a good December everyone!
    Proud to be dealing with have dealt with my debts!
    DFW Nerd #1256, WSC ?/? for w/c 03/03/2013, NSD ?/19 for 03/2013, Long Hauler #196

    highest debts: 01/06/2006 69,023.92
    debt free date: 31/12/2012 0!
    • rising from the ashes
    • By rising from the ashes 27th Nov 12, 8:17 AM
    • 12,240 Posts
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    rising from the ashes
    Ohhhhhh Freeby ..... you've excelled yourself with the prizes this month - they are absolutely lovely (see I'm not a total scrooge - even tho' the C isn't my favourite time of year!)

    I want them all ......

    As always, thanks to all the wonderful updates of the thread - Freeby, BDINI, Spoon, Marmite .... (lordy, who've I forgotten) - you are all and we couldn't do it without you.

    Thinking about my target & will report back later on!
    Back on the frugal MSE journey
    Debt free & determined to stay that way!
    1,000 Emergency Fund Challenge #76 375 / 1,000
    Vet Fund: 420.28 / 1,000
  • slowlyfading
    December....?! Already.....?!

    Best put me down for 15 NSDs please - lots of birthdays (including mine ) and christmas this month!
    Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind - Dr Seuss
    2015 Frugal Challenge Member / Oct NSD - 2/20 / Ultimate Dream Fund - 2,776.74/306,000
    Engaged 14/08/10 // Married 31/03/12 // DS born August 15
    • Motoko
    • By Motoko 27th Nov 12, 8:47 AM
    • 241 Posts
    • 1,445 Thanks
    Going out on a limb here, please put me down for 15 NSD's
    DEBT FREE on the 23rd December 2013

    Sealed pot 7 no 1894
  • Loubell83
    Oooh December...I have 2 Xmas night outs to go on...therefore I will commit to 12 NSDs this month.

    Managed to hit 10 last month so hopefully I can increase by 2!
    CC debt at 03/12 12000
    CC debt at 03/14 1473 (5 months to go!)
    Loan - 9105.60 (27 months to go )
  • icklepiggle
    Going to adjust target for dec to try & make sure i achieve it!

    8 NSDs please

    DMP for 6 months & going well!
  • StressedSteph
    Hi all, Think I will join in this month. As I have virtually NO FUEL in my car so I can't get out to spend any money so am going to try for 18 NSD's.

    Just got to avoid the dreading internet shopping. This is my downfall.
    (Relaxed in your armchair shopping with virtual not real money) Its too darn easy....

    Ok Rant over.....too chicken to try in a row though as not very good at planning ahead for miscellaneous kiddie expenses (Christmas disco's etc)

    I will try some in a row in January xxx
    Argos 395 / Barclays 850 / Next 1972 Littlewoods (2479)
    Barclay cc (1852) - 1105 / Overdraft (3264) - 724 /
    Virgin CC (4371)-1698 / Tesco CC (5336) - 3817
    LBM Dec 2013 20,519 - September 2015 - 7,344.
    Paid off 64%
  • Fae
    Love the prizes, I want them all

    I will go for 18 NSD with 7 in a row please

    LBM 29/10/2013 14,218.00 As of 13/04/2014 6477.00
    Paid 54%
    3 months to go 13 weeks
    DFD 28th August 2014
  • ModestyB
    Hi Freeby, thanks for the new thread. Thanks too to all our lovely updaters.
    I'd like to go for 12 NSD's this month. Try and make it the 12 nsd's of Christmas. I actually managed 6 in a row in November so I'll try for 5 in a row this month.

    Hello to all our newcomers.
    Good luck to everyone.
    S.P.C. 8 2015 No. 062 Banked 260
    My Gold Stars off Sue.
  • Casperthefriendlyghost
    Hi everyone! I'd love to join too. Am trying really hard to set up some good habits for 2013 when there'll have to be a lot of debt busting! Freeby, thanks for the new thread. I've been following it all but this month I'll take the plunge and join, and, yes I want all those snowmen too! They're sparkly and festive

    My aim is to have 20 NSDs until the end of December 2012.

    Thanks for having me x

    LBM Feb 09 64 427.32 26 996.59! Sub 30 000!
    DFD July 2018
    GC 01Aug - 30Aug 32.00 SSF 08.53
    NSD 03/15 WSC (10-16) 05 SSF 00.00 DFW Nerd 319 Proud To Be Dealing With My Debts!
    "Captain Jack Harkness! When will you learn that you can't solve every problem by shagging it?!"
  • silvasava
    Ooooh - what a lovely start to the December thread - really pretty!
    Can I sign up for 16 NSD's please & 3 in a row?
    Small victories - sometimes they are all you can hope for but sometimes they are all you need - be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle 5:2 Diet 147lb - Target 147lb
  • lemmings1986
    hi freeby thanks for new thread
    can i join for december please i break off next week for 3 weeks holiday and then im on maternity leave so im hoping for lots of nsd's so can you please put me down for 15 nsd thanks goodluck all for the december challenge
    VSP#17 2.34
    debt free 26/10/2012
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