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DLA and points system?
Closed Thread
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# 1
Old 23-02-2006, 5:40 PM
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Join Date: Feb 2006
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Default DLA and points system?

Hi there,

I have a query about Disability Living Allowance and the way they "score you".

I know that Incapacity Benefit works on the points system where you have to get 15 points to qualify. I went to CAB before and they photocopied these points systems from a big book. Does DLA work the same way? And if it does does anyone know where I might find the criteria? If it doesn't does anyone know how they do it?

I have trawled the internet and have only really found the stuff I have already (which is not much). I found a link on this board from someone to and from there I found a useful document from Newcastle Council which is very helpful.

So if anyone can shine any light on the system they use to work out whether you fail/pass that would be fantastic.

I thank anybody very much.
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# 2
Old 23-02-2006, 6:38 PM
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DLA is about how much your disability affects your ability to care for yourself and to be mobile. when completing the form you have to look at:
whether the activity causes pain, dizziness or tiredness or breathlessness.
whether the activity cannot be completed adequately.
how long it takes to complete the activity.
and what aides or equipment you need to use.
Talk about your worst day.

Each of the terms used has a pretty specific meaning for example 'significant part of the day' means about one hour through the day (e.g. 20 mins X 3)

most of the time = about 4 days per week

to give help with bodily functions the carer must be in the same room as you.
need for supervision will depend on the nature of the condition, unpredictibility of problems, persons awareness etc.

for the mobility component you need to consider distance, time taken to cover it, recovery time, pain etc. They are looking for what is 'reasonable' (another one of those specifically defined terms)

As far as I know there is not a specific points system but it is always best to get help with the form from someone who knows these 'thresholds' for each level of dla. It seems that the diagnosis may have a big bearing on how they look at what your probable problems are likely to be. Often they send out a doctor who must carry out specific checks and will report back what you tell them. they do not decide who gets dla, they just report the facts.

It is always always worth appealing a decision not to award and it is always worth getting representation (for instance from the council's welfare rights department) if you have to go to an appeal.

Hope that's of some help.
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# 3
Old 23-02-2006, 7:03 PM
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When you apply for DLA they will write to your doctor and he will write down what he knows about you on the form.
If your applying for DLA let him know so that he gets to fill in the form and not some doctor that doesn’t know anything about you.
They may send a doctor from the DWP to examine you and see how bad you are? Or they could just go by your doctor’s report.
If you are under any consultants get a letter from them as that helps you with your DLA application form.
The more evidence you can provide the better it will help you to get DLA, DLA is very hard to get unless you are suffering from certain conditions.
Apply for DLA as you have nothing to lose, and if you get turned down appeal.
God luck
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