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Nationwide Credit and Debit Cards - Verified by Visa (error 20073)
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Old 25-07-2008, 3:13 PM
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Default Nationwide Credit and Debit Cards - Verified by Visa (error 20073)

This is about resolving problems arising from the "Account number was not found in the system (20073)" error message - apologies for length but I've put in as much as I can remember in case anyone else has these problems and I hope this helps you get a quicker resolution of the issue.
  • I finally succumbed and decided to register my replacement Nationwide credit card with their verified by visa as I was no longer able to avoid using VbV to make purchases. Now, I was pretty sure that I'd registered before so I went to the page and clicked on the personal account manager and tried to login. It told me that the password wasn't correct and that I could reset by going to another screen where it asked me to enter the credit card number as the first step. I then got this rather surprising error message "Account number was not found in the system (20073)".
So I ring Nationwide credit card customer service and end up being transferred left, right and centre between different bits - no-one seems to know which is the right department and I get more and more frustrated. Eventually (eventually! she was the fifth person I spoke to), I got someone who took all of my details, spoke to a number of their internal departments (I didn't get the name of the dept at that point) and she told me that they will sort it out for me and phone me by the end of next week.

Apparently, the reason is that some credit card numbers were not uploaded into the VbV bit of Nationwide's (or Visa's) computer systems. Well, that's what she told me they said. The relevant people are going to submit the card number and let me know when it's done so I can then register.
  • So, having sorted out the credit card, I decide that I'd better check that my debit card works OK too. What do you know? - I get exactly the same problem where the account number wasn't found in the system. So, I ring again and have to talk to a whole different group of people in internet banking until I get someone who has a clue. She was great and spoke to their internet technical team whilst I was on the phone (I think that was the name she called that team). According to this person, the problem with the debit card is that they issued a whole load of them when they introduced the card reader security. She couldn't explain more than that. So, for the debit card, she's ordering me a replacement card with a new number which 'should' be fine.
How poor is this service? I mean, they control the whole process when they issue replacement cards - don't they do completeness checks? And it was completely their choice to issue the card readers which meant issuing the new debit cards. I've had the cards since the early part of this year so it's been a few months for them to get it right.

My biggest gripe is that the front-line customer service people don't seem to know what to do when people call with VbV problems. The switched-on lady I spoke to didn't even have this particular error code in her knowledgebase (though she did have the 5020 error that I got first time telling me that my password was wrong but that didn't help much as it didn't tell her what to if the next step didn't work).

Since trying to sort this out, I have found a couple of other threads about Nationwide where people had similar VbV problems (dating back several months!) so it looks like they haven't learned anything from these other problems.

When I'd finished talking to the last person I spoke to, I asked her what was the quickest way to get someone who would help and she told me that you should ask to speak to the internet technical team (apologies if that isn't the right name). They don't usually take calls from customers but they will if you insist.

Hope this helps
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