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    Shredding lbs and 's in 2013....
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    • 6th Dec 12, 11:41 AM
    Shredding lbs and 's in 2013.... 6th Dec 12 at 11:41 AM
    Hi there,

    I've decided to start my new diary now rather than leave it until the NY. Main reason being that I have just started a new exercise dvd called 30 day shred so I thought why not log my new challenge in a diary form and also alongside that begin my new phase to becoming debt free. Plus, as some already know, I have a habit of starting a new diary

    Anyhow, won't bore you too much with details about me. I'm 34, live at home with hubby, cat and dog. Very much a happy home apart from this dreaded debt business Debts were prior to hubby and as you can see from my signature it's taken me a long time to get where I am but I now feel like i'm on the home straight and 2013 should see me debt free.

    I am supported by hubby along the way in various ways i.e. he pays for hols, more to household etc so that it frees up my money to clear my debts. We work really well as a team and i'm super lucky to have him!

    Anyhow back to the job in hand.....I will list my total debts later. I have joined the 20p and 2 coin savers clubs for 2013, I have also joined pay as much as you can club - which basically I have set my target to clear my debt in full.

    My other target is to lose some lbs and yesterday I started the "30 day shred" dvd done by one of the trainers on the biggest loser series (america). Basically 3 levels. 10 days of each level. I'm 11st now and would love to reach 10st which was the weight I was in April this year (yes I know i've been bad and let it all slip!!) for my wedding day. I do however have to try diff forms to reach this target as I have cancelled my gym membership () so no double classes 5 days a week to get me there!

    Day 1 of 30 day shred completed yesterday - it was tough going and my whole body aches today. Who'd of thought that 20 mins of exercise could cause so much pain?!

    Will update how Day 2 goes a bit later once I have complete it.

    Anyhow, enough of my yappings. Very much looking forward to this diary becoming a record of positive events to me achieving my ultimate goal of becoming debt free

    Choc x

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    • beanielou
    • By beanielou 8th Dec 12, 7:49 PM
    • 42,026 Posts
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    Good luck with the dreaded shred & the debt busting
    Lou~ Debt free Wanabe No 55 DF 03/03/14.
    **Credit card debt free 30/06/10~** **Weight loss 2 stone 2 lbs**

    "A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of" Jane Austen in Mansfield Park.
    ***Fall down seven times,stand up eight*** ~~Japanese proverb.
    It starts with you, it starts from now.
  • Choc-addict
    Good luck with the dreaded shred & the debt busting
    Originally posted by beanielou
    Thank you! I'm feeling the dreaded shred now and the excited about the debt busting. Just want payday to arrive so I can begin the next phase!!!!
  • Choc-addict
    Is it really Sunday evening already?? Where has this weekend gone??

    Well I worked my last bit of overtime for the year of 2012 today I now won't be working any weekends and also have all of the Chritsmas and NY period off of work. It's the first time ever since I started working that I have had the whole Christmas period off and I really can't wait for a rest

    Did 4th day of the 30 day shred today and I can actually say it's beginning to get easier! I have ordered another dvd (same trainer) so I can alternate them. This combined with a bit of running and swimming should make a good all round fitness regime. I can't wait to start noticing a difference.

    Nothing to report of the money front. Waiting for payday which is this Friday and then the fun and games begin!

    Choc x
  • miss_lisalou
    Sounds fabulous, it will get easier and you'll be ready for the next challenging workout. Shedding 's and lbs is the way to go! x
  • parsniphead
    Hi choclover

    I have a debt from before hubby too and hubby does the same thing with paying for hols etc too. Such stars aren't they?

    Good luck with the shred. I started it a while back but pulled a leg muscle. I was going to start again but found out I was pregnant. I'm ashamed to say the baby is 18 months now and I still haven't restarted it. I did enjoy it though, even when it hurt. Perhaps it's time again.

    Good luck with the debt/weight busting.

    It's important not to be embarrassed by your past. The contradictions are part of what we are.
    Richey Edwards 1967 - ?

    Emergency savings fund 65.23/1000 6.5%
    One debt v's 100 days part 20 - 205/576.56 35.55%
  • Choc-addict
    Hey Parsniphead (love the name!) - hubbys are great! We're lucky ladies

    Lol at the 18 month break - I think it's allowed though as i'm sure little one keeps you active!!

    Choc x
  • Choc-addict
    Yesterday was spent visiting family and friends (day off). Now back to reality and work. Only four days though and already half way through today

    Need to do my dvd this evening as didn't get chance to do it yesterday. Hubby and I got home and decided to start tackling the spare room/office. Needless to say it was a bigger task than we thought and i'm now surrounded by choas (I work from home!) we had about 2 years of paperwork to go though. Thank goodness we've done it. Loads of books/dvds etc to sort and somehow everything that doesn't have a "place" is in this room. Hopefully by the end of this evening it'll be done.

    This weekend we are having wooden flooring put in the lounge. Already had hall and conservatory done and I was hoping to keep carpet in the lounge but it just can't be with our pooch - she just brings a trail of dirt with her so wooden flooring it has to be as I can not stand to look at it any more. More for my sanity than clean floors, honestly!! Hubby and mums partner will do it so should be relatively cheap - just cost of the flooring and bits itself. Although not that cheap actually if I really think about it Hey ho, got to be done.

    Nothing else to report. still waiting for payday on Friday. I'll report back when I do my dvd!

    Choc x
  • scattymam1
    good luck with everything choc-addict. you seem very positive...and i just noticed your signature, wow, massive debt busting, can u give us tips as you go along...please x
  • Choc-addict
    Hey Scattymam1 ...... I have no tips as honestly the most unorganised person in the world at times! I originally made arrangements with creditors (still do so with most) and have just thrown as much money as I can at them. I'm lucky in that hubby is supportive (debts prior to him!) and he pays for more re hols and household until such times as its cleared.

    I honestly feel on home straight. Kind of snowballing now, pay minimums and put aside 400 per month into savings until I have enough saved to clear the lowest debt then I clear that and add what I save by clearing it to the monthly savings. So next debt I clear should be one I pay 70 per month too so after I have cleared it in full I will start to save 470 per month until the next one has gone. It's hard slog and I would love to spend the 400 odd a month on something else rather than save it to clear debts but it has to be the end of this year I hope to be debt free.

    Right enough wafflings from me....I do it far too much!

    Choc x
  • Choc-addict
    Just logging on to say will be MIA for a few days as having flooring done in house and it's chaos! No time for anything else but work today and then sorting as we go over the weekend.

    Hope to report back a happy de-cluttered and organised choc come Monday!

    Have a good weekend
    • beanielou
    • By beanielou 14th Dec 12, 11:45 AM
    • 42,026 Posts
    • 139,791 Thanks
    Hope all goes well.
    Lou~ Debt free Wanabe No 55 DF 03/03/14.
    **Credit card debt free 30/06/10~** **Weight loss 2 stone 2 lbs**

    "A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of" Jane Austen in Mansfield Park.
    ***Fall down seven times,stand up eight*** ~~Japanese proverb.
    It starts with you, it starts from now.
  • kiss_me_now9
    Oh, I'm dying to do the 30DS - it's definitely on in the new year Have you heard of Insanity? That might be a good one to get after, costs about 90 though But the results are literally... insane!

    Masters saving fund: 5,600/7,500
    Tesco CC: 431.25
    Etsy store:
    Rainy day pot in full swing
  • Choc-addict
    hey kiss-me-now.....i've been annoyed as not been able to do as much as I would have liked of my dvd. Mainly because house decoration/flooring. Still I will be back to it asap!

    Hubby wants to get insanity. I'll have a go if he does but don't think I can justify the cost - plus i'm finding jillian michaels hard enough right now
  • Choc-addict
    Well i'm back and survived the weekend - just! Flooring looks lovely. Skirting boards going back on this evening and any trims that need putting on. Also curtains will go back up. I'm hoping that they will make it complete. Came just in good time and pooch came into her first season on Friday and cream carpet/blood do not mix!!

    Yesterday hubby and I had to start our Xmas shopping - we hadn't done any until then. Managed to get most bits. Still need to finish hubby's and couple of others. I will get out next weekend and do it or one evening this week. I did finish writing all the xmas cards last night so they'll be in the post today. Bit late but never mind.

    Nothing else to report here. Debt payments go out today so i'll be able to update some totals paid off on my sig when I get time to work it out.

    Long day at work ahead, already started and won't finish until 6:30 at earliest Likely to be like this all week

    Have a good day,

    Choc x
  • Choc-addict
    Only two more days left at work for me then i'm off until the NY! Woo hoo! However, quite possibly the two busiest days ever as i've so much to do before I can sign off Friday. Prob going to be an late finish but at least then I have a week off work to recoup

    Not really focusing on the money thing at minute as Christmas is looming and i've still not finished my shopping. I think i'll "shutdown" for a while in that respect and come back on here after Crimbo when I can assess things properly.

    I have a friend over this evening, healthy tea of prawns with something. Also going to the shops, hoping to get a few more xmas bits.

    Tomorrow will see me kick starting my 30 day shred again I couldn't get to do it due to house being in chaos and dog coming into season, amoungst other things so I will re-start the shred from tomorrow onwards and also throw in her banish fat dvd to mix it up a little.....bring on the skinny minny choc addict for 2013! I can see no reason why I can do either of the dvd's now, even christmas day as i'll be on my tod for some of it as hubby working.

    Right will sign out for now. Back tomorrow to report/update.

    Soooooooooooo exctied about 2013 and debt freedomness as well as healthy lifestyle. Bring it on
  • OrangeFairy
    Happy new diary!

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Choc.

    Your plans look good! Hoefully we will both be debt free in 2013! Exciting!

    Losing weight is a huge mission for me in the new year. I am now worrying about it until new year.

    OF xx
    Orange Fairy
    Debts -CC1 0% 2544 0- CC2 0% 1421 700 3990 CC3 16% 609 112 -- Next 225 -Sofas 893 261 Xmas 247: flights 180 0 CC3 90 0
    Total 1/4 6051 261
  • Choc-addict
    Hey OF - nice to see you back

    I can't believe it's nearly 2013! I'm soooooo excited as really see this as my changing year financially. All of my debt should be gone all being well and I literally can not wait

    Nothing much to report here, tight month until payday on 15th Jan due to xmas but knew that would be the case. From 15th onwards it's all about the debt debt debt. I'm hoping work will offer up overtime regularly again and I shall be taking it.

    Next couple of days will be spent sorting and organising. Hubby drafted in to work so i've nowt else to do as carless and the pooch is in season so can only take her out at unsociable hours so she doesn't send the male dogs crazy, lol.

    Hubby has set me a challenge to lose 8lbs before he goes skiing later in January and he'll buy me a whole new outfit....going to update my sig. 11st 2lbs this morning, much to my disgust as haven't been this heavy in year Oh well, over indulging has stopped. Healthy breakfast of oats and natural yog. Now off to do some sorting and burn a few calories cleaning the bathroom....may even try for a run/walk later.

    Need to sign up to some survey sites for vouchers come next xmas and bdays throughout the year.

    Uber excited for the coming months!!!!!!!!

    Choc xx
  • Choc-addict
    Productive day had of sorting, bit of cleaning and sorting out calendars/notebooks ready for 2013

    Just checked money and it's very tight but hey ho only 15 days until payday. I can do it! Plenty of Jan no spend days to be had.

    Happy New Year everyone, bring on the 2013 challenges and debt feedomness!! xx
  • Choc-addict
    Happy New Year!!

    Hubby and I opted for a quite one of cooking nice meal, drinks and played a few games - it was really really nice and am thankful not to have woken up with a hangover today

    Been quite productive so far. Had a spruce of the house, done two loads of washing, updated calendars for both home and work and have started my 2013 money diary where I log all payments/balances month by month.

    I have also set up online saving pots for things such as holidays, christmas etc and also one to start saving for my ticket to see my little sis in Australia I will decide month by month how much I put into these as each month is different with outgoings be it visits to London office or social occassions so rather than put a set amount in I will see how things go. I also (hopefully) will have overtime again come next week so that'll help too.

    Nothing else to report in choc land. Will continue with my sorting and also do my 30 day shred dvd - counting it as day 1 again due to the break and ridiculous amounts of eating

    Have a good first day of the year everyone! Choc xxx
  • OrangeFairy
    Happy New Year Choc

    Sounds like you had a lovely evening

    We are now in 2013!! Woohoo
    Orange Fairy
    Debts -CC1 0% 2544 0- CC2 0% 1421 700 3990 CC3 16% 609 112 -- Next 225 -Sofas 893 261 Xmas 247: flights 180 0 CC3 90 0
    Total 1/4 6051 261
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