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Mix up, getting worse and worse?
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Old 24-07-2012, 3:17 AM
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Default Mix up, getting worse and worse?


I am here for a friend, so I don't know the full ins and outs, but this is what I can work out due to the paperwork etc.

Working to 2009, but the first couple of years no Tax credits were paid, then it was backdated after a long while of sorting it out - I think it was 2 years behind on payments.

In 2010 got the last tax credit payment for the year before.

In 2011, they got told that as they got tax credit without working, and claiming housing benefits they had to repay the tax credits.

This person is on Incapacity Benefit, and housing benefit.

Bailiffs came around again this year, as they did last year, and before that due to no payments on council tax.

Can this person claim council tax benefits also, how and will it be back paid?

The housing benefit gets paid, but they have adjusted for "overpayment" due to getting working tax credit, and the 2 children who are now adults living in the house.

Due to one of the children adults working, the housing benefit is dropped by 15 per week. They currently pay 35 per week. Due to not paying for 15 weeks, the rent was 15 weeks behind, but they have got this down to 7 weeks.

Oh, another thing, the ex spouse of the person owns a lot of back money on CSA who claim that for 1 of this persons child is owed 17,000 although this has dropped down to 7,000 due to suspected forged documents stating this. Oh, and thats for the younger of the 2 children, so more going to be added, but CAS can't or wont readd the other child after the ex spouse sent in a forged document wanting the older child removed from the system. The person has admitted to doing this via the phone, police want the paperwork CAS wont send it to them. Can something be done to push CAS to work on this problem and fix it?

As you may of worked out by now, the person gets benefits and nothing more, however the person does not get all the rent paid, Some 65 per week short, and 700 behind. Council tax is also 1 year behind as the person must pay the bailiffs to stop things being repossessed, but ends up getting another bailiff coming around 1 year later. So this would just carry on over and over? What makes things worse, the ex is not paying CAS money, and has not done so for years. CAS can't get ahold of the person, so they are getting away with it.

They have gone to the MP, Council offices, citizens advise etc, and they all agree that the housing benefit should be paid in full - now minus the 15 for the child who is working per week. However the computer system won't accept the mess up. Also the system won't accept council tax benefit, can the person eligible?

why this person is no longer able to work.

Extremely low immune system and can be hospitalied if it gets too bad, this means they have to limit other people.
Arthritis in neck, shoulders and fingers, this is manageable.
No sensation when picking things up like a tea cup, and is likely to not put enough pressure to hold it and will drop it.
Oh, when they was at work, poor electric work meant the person got electrocuted - it went into the accident book, but disappeared soon after - only thing I can think of it was removed, This person worked for the council in a school. Very dangerous, and the person spent the time making sure the school was safe and not suing the council.
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